Why is your answer the same or different about the US as compared to China?

November 20, 2020| Homework Lance

Why is your answer the same or different about the US as compared to China?


Read the above article about “shadow banks in China” and discuss the following. Should China outlaw shadow banks? What would be the pros and cons of that? As mentioned in the article the US also has a large sector of shadow banks, should the US outlaw shadow banks? Why is your answer the same or different about the US as compared to China?

Your response must be 400 to 600 words. File must be uploaded as an MS Word document or pdf file by 5 PM on Friday January 18. Please feel free to use information from class or other sources (Google searches and reading information online, reading other articles, etc.). Just do not copy someone else’s writing or ideas verbatim. That is plagiarism. I reserve the right to run written assignments through plagiarism software (e.g. turnitin.com).

Written Assignment Rubric

Written Assignment Rubric 

Standard Level Grade
Length and ReadabilityIs the submission in the 400-600 words range? Is the writing understandable?
5.0Full Credit 3.0Partial Credit 0.0No Credit
Course ConceptDoes the submission accurately use a concept from ECN 135?
2.0Full Credit 1.0Partial Credit 0.0No Credit
Applied KnowledgeDoes the submission apply knowledge from ECN 135 to answer the questions about the article? Does the submission make a coherent argument or provide a coherent answer to the questions asked using information from the article and the course?
3.0Full Credit 2.0Partial Credit 0.0No Credit



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