Accounting Priniciples Functional Foreman



Accounting Priniciples Functional Foreman


Landmark Article Research

Early Research On Scientific Management

Here are some topics and authors that wrote about early scientific management for you to do the research on seminal works:

  • Scientific management (Taylor, Wilson, Wren)
  • Improved incentives (Howne, Hasley)
  • Task management systems
  • Functional Foremen
  • Eastern Rate Case
  • Watertown and the congressional investigation
  • The Four Basic Principles of Scientific Management
  • Taylor’s view on the human factor
  • Efficiency (Barth, Gantt, Gilbreths (Frank and Lillian), Emerson, Cooke)

Prepare a one page summary of the article you found. (Early research as far back as you can find research. In the early years.)