BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security Final Exam Answers

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BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security Final Exam Answers


Multiple Choice Questions (Enter your answers on the enclosed answer sheet)

1. The ______ type of terrorist has no formal connection to, and doesn’t receive material supply from, a terrorist movement but has a psychological affinity with one.

1. homegrown

1. lone wolf

1. international

1. domestic

1. FTO stands for ______.

1. federal terrorist organization

1. foreign terrorist organization

1. feuding throughout organizations

1. funding, training, and optimization

1. Which of the following is NOT one of the reasons for needing to understand terrorism?

1. Terrorism has become transnational and global.

1. Terrorism’s impact is only regional.

1. There is no quick and easy solution to terrorism.

1. Terrorism can be adopted at frightening speed.

1. Hezbollah is a Muslim group that is simultaneously viewed as a political organization, terrorist group, and a(n) ______.

1. ally

1. force multiplier

1. militia

1. religious group

1. Early terrorism in the United States was typically ______.

1. very deadly

1. well planned and organized

1. motivated by religion

1. racial, labor, or anarchist related


BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Final Examination

1. Which of the following is the radical Islamic group that straddles the border region between Pakistan and Afghanistan?

1. Hamas

1. Taliban

1. Muslim

1. al-Qaeda

1. The Abu Nidal Organization has been financially backed by Syria, Libya, Iraq and ______.

1. the United States

1. Iran

1. Britain

1. Israel

1. ______ does not have any holy sites within Israel.

1. Buddhism

1. Christianity

1. Islam

1. Judaism

1. Most British and French colonization of the Middle East ended ______.

1. after WWII

1. before WWI

1. during the 1970s

1. after WWI

1. It has been argued that the driving force behind every U.S. action in the Middle East is based on America getting access to the oil. Which of the following appears to support this accusation?

1. involvement in the Iran-Iraq war

1. support of the partition of Israel and Palestine

1. support of Iran which allowed for the U.S. to obtain 40% of the oil fields in that country

1. all of the above

1. Which group was NOT a Latin American Leftist Group that furthered Marxist ideology?

1. Bolshevik Party

1. Tupac Amaru Revolutionary Movement

1. National Liberation Army

1. Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia


BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Final Examination

1. Passive propaganda in mid-19th century Europe included

1. leaflets

1. newspapers with pro-revolution language

1. parlor meetings

1. all of the above

1. ______ is the holy city for Muslims.

1. Jerusalem

1. Caliph

1. Kaaba

1. Mecca

1. ______ is the country with a predominately Muslim population that has the MOST favorable opinion of the United States.

1. Egypt

1. Senegal

1. Lebanon

1. Pakistan

1. ______ is the country with a predominately Muslim population that has the LEAST favorable opinion of the United States.

1. Egypt

1. Turkey

1. Palestine Authority

1. Pakistan

1. All Muslims fast from dawn to dusk during the ninth month of the Arab calendar known as


1. Shahada

1. Ramadan

1. Hajj

1. Sawm


BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Final Examination

1. ______ denotes purification and growth and reminds Muslims that what they have is a gift from Allah.

1. Hajj

1. Sawm

1. Zakat

1. Ramadan

1. Fundamentalists and radicals demonize the group at which violence is directed to reinforce the idea that they are good people doing God’s work and this ______.

1. makes the punishment worth the crime

1. tricks people into suicide

1. absolves them from any culpability

1. lessens the punishment

1. ______ is recognized as the first modern Islamic fundamentalist.

1. Muhammad ibn Abd al-Wahhab

1. The Prophet Muhammad

1. Usama bin Laden

1. Saddam Hussein

1. Fundamentalist Christian churches believe that the sexual union of Satan with Eve produced


1. Hindus

1. Jews

1. African Americans

1. Muslims

1. The FBI reports that the Muslim Brotherhood has established cells in America. These cells exist ______.

1. predominantly among students

1. predominantly in the American mosques

1. predominantly in the Muslim community in Dearborn Michigan

1. predominantly in the Egyptian business owners


BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Final Examination

1. Hezbollah is backed by Iran and has been extensively involved in the politics of ______.

1. Palestine and Israel

1. Iraq and Iran

1. Egypt and Yemen

1. Lebanon and Syria

1. ______ is the core group in a terrorist organization. It is responsible for intelligence, targeting, logistics, propaganda, and communication.

1. Active supporters

1. Passive supporters

1. Hardcore leadership

1. Cadre

1. The number of active followers and the geographical location are two factors that ______.

1. aid in the demise of a group

1. reduce a terrorist’s level of success

1. shape the decision of the organizational form a terrorist group will take

1. determine if the group is a bureaucracy or a lone wolf model

1. Women in terrorism ______.

1. are on the decline

1. represent 40 to 50% of all terrorists

1. represent 20 to 30% of all terrorists

1. represent 5 to 10% of all terrorists

1. Which one of the following is one of the findings by Gaibulloev and Sandler?

1. A homogenous society is tolerant of excessive actions of terrorist groups.

1. Landlocked nations are better for terrorist organizations.

1. Religious-based terrorist movements have less longevity.

1. Religious-based terrorist movements have greater longevity.

1. A(n) ______ network has the leader in the center. The leader is the only person communicating with higher levels of the terrorist movement and interacts directly with others who in turn have no contact with each other.

1. star

1. wheel

1. all-channel

1. chain


BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Final Examination

1. The U.S. Treasury calculates that in 2013, ______ was paid in ransom to terrorists worldwide.

1. $1 billion

1. $10 million

1. $1 million

1. $165 million

1. The “R” in the acronym POSDCORB for universal methods of administration stands for


1. reporting

1. return-rate

1. restructuring

1. rebuilding

1. Terrorist movements need operational tools in order to ______.

1. maintain their secrecy

1. generate attacks

1. achieve their goals

1. maintain their control

1. A major challenge in recruiting new members is ______.

1. having too many potential new members

1. identifying those who can be indoctrinated to the degree that they are willing to risk death
2. having to pay too much money for new members

1. relocating new members

1. ______ are single-issue/special-issue groups that committed 2,000 attacks over a 29-year period and caused $110 million in damages.

1. The ALF and ELF

1. FARC and al-Qaeda

1. White supremacists and neo Nazis

1. The FLA and FLE


BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Final Examination

1. The Pan Am Flight 103 bomb which caused the death of 259 people was an example of


1. state-perpetrated terrorist act

1. state-enabled terrorist act

1. state-sponsored terrorist act

1. state terrorist act

1. The United States secretly and illegally arranged the sale of military arms to Iran in return for its help in freeing American hostages. This became known as ______.

1. The Iran-Contra Affair

1. The Reagan Scandal

1. The Sandinistas disgrace

1. The Contra

1. The U.S. Supreme Court case of ______ held that abortions were legal which in turn fueled the anti-abortion movement.

1. Brown v. Board of Education

1. Roe v. Wade

1. Dred Scott v. Sanford

1. Plessy v. Ferguson

1. The Institute for Historical Review ______.

1. studies all the neo-Nazi groups in the United States

1. promotes the denials of the Jewish Holocaust and defends Nazism

1. has the purpose of promoting truth and accuracy in history

1. raises funds for the Jewish community

1. During the 1970s and 1980s, the KKK toned down its radical rhetoric and reframed its messages in a neo-conservatism shift that focused on ______.

1. immigrants

1. Jews

1. Muslims

1. African-Americans


BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Final Examination

1. The Japanese-American Internment camps came about ______.

1. in 1965

1. at the outbreak of WWII

1. at the beginning of WWI

1. during the Korean War

1. Movements within the American right wing ______.

1. have different ideas about the “enemies” and ideas they oppose

1. can sometimes share the belief that the Constitution is being subverted

1. can sometimes share beliefs that the political parties do not properly represent them

1. all of the above

1. Which of the following is NOT a typical source from which intelligence is collected?

1. technical

1. geospacial

1. humans

1. animals

1. Investigations are reactive and intelligence is ______.

1. informal

1. also reactive

1. proactive

1. preventative

1. The ______ serves as the nations “hub” for intelligence activity both domestically and internationally, coordinating intelligence information derived by individual members of the intelligence community.

1. Department of Homeland Security

1. National Intelligence Program

1. National Counterterrorism Center

1. Office of the Director of National Intelligence

1. The moving of the Viet Cong prisoners of war camps is an example of needing ______


1. human

1. swift

1. tactical

1. analyzed


BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Final Examination

1. The enhanced interrogation techniques that involve exposure to cold weather, water boarding, and grabbing and poking are classifed as ______.

1. Category I

1. Category II

1. Category III

1. Category IV

1. Which of the following is NOT true regarding Bradley Manning and the information he leaked?

1. he received a sex change treatment and lives as a woman in prison

1. he was sentenced to 35 years confinement in a maximum security federal prison

1. the information leaked was not important and didn’t cause any damage

1. he caused a strain in diplomatic relationships with several governments

1. The ______ allowed the president to determine who is an “enemy combatant.”Once labeled as an “enemy combatant” that person can be held indefinitely without being charged.

1. Military Commissions Act of 2006

1. Anti-Terrorism Act of 2001

1. Enemy Combatant Act of 2002

1. 9/11 Act of 2001

1. Customs and Border Protection use various forms of technology including drones, radiation screening, remote video surveillance and ______.

1. satellites

1. fingerprint screening

1. missiles

1. unattended ground guard sensors

1. The purpose of the ______ is to prevent harmful individuals and substances including terrorists, criminals, illegal immigrants, drugs, weapons, harmful pests and diseases, and other contraband from entering the United States.

1. Department of Homeland Security

1. Customs and Border Protection

1. Immigration and Customs Enforcement

1. Immigration and Naturalization Services


BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Final Examination

1. Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge was appointed as the first director of ______.

1. the Anti-Terrorism Unit

1. the Office of Homeland Security

1. Joint Terrorism Task Force

1. the new FBI with the priority of terrorism

1. Which of the following is NOT an example of a natural disaster?

1. hurricane

1. earthquake

1. flood

1. intentional forest fire

1. The ______ Sector is large, produces a large percentage of the economy, and has a significant role in response, mitigation, and recovery during natural disasters or terrorist events.

1. Healthcare and Public Health

1. Information Technology

1. Commercial Facilities

1. Chemical

1. The focus of the National Strategy for Counterterrorism in 2011 was ______.

1. improving intelligence gathering techniques

1. developing counterterrorism technology

1. the dismantling of the al-Qaeda network

1. securing the homeland borders

1. The Ebola outbreak in the United States is an example of the ______ category of threats/hazards.

1. natural

1. accidental

1. technical

1. terrorist

1. Which of the following was a major issue that negatively impacted disaster relief?

1. a lack of standardized language, approaches, and capabilities

1. the federal government insisted that local government was to respond to local disasters

1. the early American belief to be self-reliant

1. all of the above


BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Final Examination

1. After Hurricane Katrina ______.

1. FEMA was given control over more emergency resources

1. FEMA’s top official became the president’s principal advisor on emergencies

1. FEMA remained a stand-alone agency within the DHS

1. all of the above

1. A U.S. drone that attacked a convoy in Yemen, killing an important al-Qaeda figure, is an example of ______.

1. direct action

1. a hostage rescue

1. a raid

1. open warfare

1. Over ______ New York police officers are assigned to various counterterrorism units.

1. 500

1. 100

1. 1000

1. 700

1. The concept of “mutually assured destruction” was used primarily ______.

1. during the American Revolution

1. during the Cold War Era

1. During the American Civil War

1. during WWI

1. An attack on the ______ is defined as those systems and assets, whether physical or virtual, so vital to the U.S. that the incapacity or destruction of such systems and assets would have

• debilitating impact on national security, national economic security, national public health or safety, or a combination of these matters.

1. transportation sector

1. communications Sector

1. energy Sector

1. critical infrastructure

1. Animal Liberation Front and Earth Liberation Front have claimed ______ lives in their attacks in the United States.

1. 0

1. 100

1. 20

1. 500


BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Final Examination

1. Which of the following would be considered an example of system disruption?

1. banking and finance hacking

1. electrical systems stoppage

1. oil pipelines destruction

1. all of the above

1. The ______ is the body that adjudicates war crimes.

1. United Nations International Criminal Court

1. Federal Court of the World

1. World Court

1. S. and European Conglomerate Court

1. After World War I, the ______ essentially carved up the Middle East into British and French colonies.

1. Palestinian Compromise

1. Balfour Declaration

1. Sykes-Picot Agreement of 1916

1. Mandate System

1. The Palestinian Liberation Organization and the Palestinian Liberation Army ______.

1. were short-lived groups and no longer exist

1. fractured, but are linked to over hundreds of different groups that want a free and independent Palestine
2. were independent of the greater Arab League

1. support Israel

1. Which one of the following is NOT one of the four “whys” that Kingsley identifies as an explanation for terrorism?

1. terrorist groups have become so large that they now actually have the potential to achieve their goals
2. radical Islamic interpretations of the Qur’an

1. social and political conditions foster authoritarianism

1. globalization and modernity threatens religions


BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Final Examination

1. The emergence of the Sunni and Shi’a came about as a result of ______.

1. the separation of church and state

1. the vast spreading of Islam to different parts of the region

1. the differences in the understanding of the Five Pillars of Islam

1. the death of Muhammad

1. Fundamental and extreme Christians choose to describe themselves in words that appeal to nationalistic beliefs and soften their public images so as to attract new members. Which of the following is NOT an example of one of those terms?

1. Christian Patriot

1. Free Man

1. White Extreme Christian

1. Constitutionalist

1. The formation of Islamic fundamentalist movements can be attributed to ______.

1. foreign occupation

1. opposition to state authority

1. sociocultural and economic strife

1. all of the above

1. When the March of Dimes reinvented itself, changing its focus from polio to prevention of birth defects, it exemplified the problem of ______.

1. success versus longevity

1. resource acquisition versus constituencies

1. recruitment versus retention

1. growth versus control

1. The ______ type of terrorist cell makes all the final decisions about the execution of an attack.

1. sleeper

1. command and control

1. intel

1. tactical operations


BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Final Examination

1. Which of the following is NOT one of the three common characteristics of terrorist ideologies?

1. respect people’s differences

1. the belief can’t be questioned

1. things to be done must be directed at achieving some goal

1. belief system that instructs people to do certain things

1. Hawalas are ______.

1. highly regulated

1. built on trust and operate without regulatory oversight

1. completely illegal

1. developed out of a lack of trust

1. The two largest and most violent single-issue/special-issue groups in the United States are


1. the FLA and FLE

1. the ALF and ELF

1. FARC and al-Qaeda

1. white supremacists and neo Nazis

1. The American Nazi Party changed names to the National Socialist White People’s Party and Dr. William Luther Pierce became one of the principle leaders. He wrote the book ______.

1. The Hunted

1. The Killer

1. The Turner Diaries

1. Insight

1. In response to the problems identified by the Gilmore Commission and the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act of 2004, the ______ was established.

1. Office of the Director of National Intelligence

1. Department of Homeland Security

1. Department of Anti-Terrorism

1. National Intelligence Program


BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Final Examination

1. The ______ feel(s) the USA PATRIOT Act has gone too far and violates individual rights and liberties.

1. Christian Patriots

1. American Civil Liberties Union

1. Black Panthers

1. National Liberation Organization

1. The President is authorized by the ______ to issue emergency and fire management declarations which enable federal agencies to provide assistance to state and local units of government overwhelmed by catastrophes.

1. Stafford Act


1. Bush Act

1. Emergency Response Act

1. The energy sector has three subsectors: electricity, petroleum, and ______.

1. natural gas

1. solar energy

1. oil

1. wind energy

1. The ______ is a vital part of NIMS and represents a standardized, on-scene, all-hazards incident management approach that allows for the integration of facilities, equipment, personnel, procedures, and communications operating within a common organizational structure.

1. Incident Command System

1. Emergency Operations Center

1. National Integration Center

1. Center for Disease Control

1. Reducing the flow of terrorist recruits by providing them with alternative futures is an example of ______.

1. radicalization

1. preparedness

1. anti-terrorism

1. counterterrorism


BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Final Examination

1. According to the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism, from 2001 to 2011, terrorist fatal attacks ______.

1. increased

1. could not be measured

1. declined

1. stayed the same

1. The ______ used guerilla war tactics in an effort to gain their country’s independence from the British Commonwealth during the early 1920s.

1. Army of God

1. Iranian Militia Army

1. Confederate Army

1. Irish Republican Army

1. The transitional stage or social stage from capitalism to communism is known as ______.

1. anarchy

1. socialism

1. dictatorship

1. capitalism

1. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam all trace their lineage to the “father of all people,” ______.

1. Muhammad

1. Jesus

1. God

1. Abraham

1. Islamic fundamentalist organizations thrive in countries that ______.

1. have suppressive governments or sheikdoms with no democracy

1. are full of hope

1. are completely poverty stricken and even the government doesn’t have any wealth

1. support democratic governments

1. Which of the following is NOT mentioned as an option for replacing a missing terrorist leader?

1. transition to a leaderless cell

1. awaken a qualified sleeper

1. train and infiltrate a new leader

1. initiate a redundant leader protocol


BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Final Examination

1. Which of the following is NOT one of the four organizational tools?

1. ideology

1. capitalism

1. publicity

1. leadership

1. According to Rapoport, the current religious wave began ______.

1. on 9/11/2001

1. during the Inquisition

1. in the 1700s

1. in 1979

1. The ______ group is the most violent, best organized group in the United States.

1. American Nazi Party

1. National Socialist Movement

1. neo-Nazi National Alliance

1. Hammerskin Nation

1. The Central Intelligence Agency was established in 1947 to deal with the then current enemies of the United States, which included Russia, North Korea, Iran and ______.

1. Iraq

1. China

1. Japan

1. Europe

1. The definition of terrorism was expanded in the reauthorized PATRIOT Act in 2006. Which of the following was NOT added to the definition?

1. being engaged in narco-terrorism

1. using air missiles against civilians

1. criminalization of the act of planning a terror attack specifically against a mass transit entity or system
2. inclusion of receiving military-type training from a foreign terrorist organization


BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Final Examination

1. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security was created as a stand-alone agency headed by a secretary who was a member of the President’s Cabinet in ______.

1. 2000

1. 2002

1. 2001

1. 1999

1. The USA PATRIOT Act and the ______ defined the concept of critical infrastructure and developed the specific critical infrastructure plans, as well as set forth the roles and duties for federal agencies before and during a potential disaster.

1. Gilmore Commission Report

1. Critical Infrastructure Report

1. National Strategy for Counterterrorism

1. Stafford Act Report

1. From a national perspective, emergency management ultimately grew out of ______.


1. WWI

1. The Great Depression

1. 9/11 attacks

1. After Iraq invaded Kuwait, the United States and her allies returned to Iraq seeking Saddam Hussein and to gain control over the country. This was an example of ______.

1. hostage rescue

1. a preemptive strike

1. open warfare

1. a raid

1. The ______ system is still relatively easy for terrorists to access.

1. military

1. ground

1. computer

1. aviation


BCJ 575 Terrorism and Homeland Security

Final Examination

1. Carlos Bledsoe converted to Islam, changed his name to Abdulhakim Muhammad, and trained in Yemen in a terrorist camp. This process is known as ______.

1. anarchism

1. system disruption

1. radicalization

1. internationalism

1. The belief that there should be no centralized government and that society should be based upon voluntary cooperation and free association between individuals is ______.

1. socialism

1. anarchism

1. marxism

1. capitalism

1. One of the primary reasons for Usama bin Laden and al-Qaeda to attack us on our homeland was ______.

1. because we were an overly easy target

1. because his terrorist groups were already stationed in the U.S.

1. because we had the technology they needed

1. our lack of knowledge about the true political and economic conditions in the Middle East, in which we disrespected Islam by stationing troops by their holy sites

1. The mass displacement of the Palestinian people when Israel was established is an example of ______.

1. fundamentalism

1. diaspora

1. jihad

1. sharla