Business Environment Analysis Paper



Business Environment Analysis Paper


1️⃣ Assignment Description


This assignment consists of focusing on the overall business environment of one of the following countries: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia or Ecuador


2️⃣ Assignment Instructions and Guidelines


For the chosen country, write a report covering the following topics and subheadings:


1. Economic overview of the country (Discuss the main economic indicators, kind of an updated version of those shown on the first page of chapters 6 – 17)
2. Current political landscape of the country
3. Current business environment of the country including the ease of doing business index, corruption perception, political risk, and business culture.
4. Analysis of top domestic companies in the country
5. Analysis of top foreign companies operating in the country
6. Current state of foreign direct investment
7. Challenges as well as opportunities for businesses in the country


Chapter 8

  1. Assess the leading economic and business indicators in the South American country of Brazil.
  2. Update and validate economic and business data on Brazil
  3. Debate current issues affecting the business environment of Brazil