Dealing with Antibiotic Resistance

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Dealing with Antibiotic Resistance


Construct a professional paper that outlines the advanced practice  role – as a nurse educator, a nurse leader, or a nurse practitioner – to  advance the CDC’s antibiotic resistance initiative. The paper needs to  be a minimum of six (6) pages [excluding title and reference pages]  consistent with APA style without an abstract page.  (Citations within 5 years)


Please include the following:


Introduction that identifies your advanced practice role and your  view of how that role will be able to impact the antibiotic resistance  dilemma. Support your discussion with at least two references from the  literature.

Review the CDC’s goals and identify one of the CDC’s key strategies  that you will be able to promote/support in your advanced practice role.  Support your discussion with at least two references from the  literature.

Discuss three activities/actions that you will develop to support  the promotion of the key strategy that you identified in item 2 above.  Each action/activity needs to be well designed and supported with at  least one reference from the literature.  [For example, if you are a nurse educator student  –  in what course(s) will you be able to promote your identified key  strategies, be specific about what that would look like using example  lesson plan(s), identify any active learning strategies you will  utilize, etc., and provide justification for your strategies, etc.; if you are a nurse leader student  – what program(s) and activities will you engage with relative to your  organization, be that existing programs or creation of new programs,  reporting mechanisms, development of collaborative committees, etc., and  provide justification for your strategies, etc.; if you are a nurse practitioner student  – what prescribing practices, patient education practices, monitoring  programs, etc., will you engage with, and provide justification for your  strategies, etc.