Financial Risk Business Paper



Financial Risk Business Paper




You are the Financial Executive for TF Partners, an electric car battery manufacturer, and you have been tasked to create a financial risk assessment. This risk assessment will be used in your monthly performance discussion with the COO and CEO. TF Partners has been profitable throughout the economic downturn; however, a global pandemic’s impact has caused suppliers to delay sending raw materials and other goods needed to produce your product. The company’s current strategic objective is to increase profits by 15%, reduce the use of inefficient assets by 10%, and increase organizational sustainability by 5% through investment in green initiatives.




In Microsoft Word, create a financial risk assessment document to measure the financial risk and performance of TF Partners. Your financial risk assessment should:


Create a rating system using industry best practices to analyze the financial position of TF Partners (include operating, financing, and investing activity categories)

Create a rating system using industry best practices to evaluate the risk to maximize the goals of TF Partners listed above

  • Based on the risk assessment, make a recommendation of the financial strategies TF Partners can use to increase organizational performance
  • Provide attribution for credible sources