Howard University Competitive Position Presentation



Howard University Competitive Position Presentation




You are the director of organizational development of a publicly-traded organization. Last week, the C-suite alerted all executive leadership to prepare for the upcoming budget planning and decision meetings taking place one month from now. The chief HR officer is concerned that the current investment and allocation of HR funding may not be optimal to ensure the right mix of knowledge, skills, and abilities among the employees will continue to help sustain the organization’s competitive advantage. In order to prepare for the budget planning meetings, she needs to have a clear understanding of the current human capital strengths and weaknesses of the organization.




The chief HR officer has tasked you to map out exactly how the human capital in your organization supports the strategic goals of the organization. This information will enable her to demonstrate where existing human capital may be leveraged through talent management initiatives, and where further investment is needed. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation, with speaker notes, that she will present to the C-suite leadership in the forthcoming strategy meeting that analyzes the firm’s competitive position in the industry, highlighting the role human capital plays.


The presentation that you are preparing for the chief HR officer should:


  • Provide the vision, mission, and values of the organization.
  • Provide the main source of competitive advantage and the key performance drivers of the same.
  • Demonstrate how the organizational culture enables the core competency(ies) of the organization.
  • Illustrate the key human capital assets that support the core competency (ies) of the organization.
  • Connect the identified human capital assets to the key performance drivers.
  • Provide supporting sources in your presentation.