Ideal problem solving



Ideal problem solving


The purpose of this assignment is to apply the IDEAL problem-solving method to relevant business scenarios.


recognize the need to integrate problem-solving skills in the work environment. The IDEAL problem-solving method, developed by Bradford and Stein, is implemented byIdentifying the problem, Defining the problem, Exploring strategies, Acting on ideas, and Learning from experience.


select one relevant business scenario and create a 400 word outline that addresses the following questions:


  • Examine the behaviors presented in the selected scenario. Apply the IDEAL problem-solving process to the scenario. Be sure you discuss each aspect (Identify, Define, Explore, Act, and Learn) of the method as it relates to the scenario.
  • Determine whether the behavior in the scenario could be described as unethical or illegal and how this should be addressed professionally.
  • Describe how you would resolve this issue using the IDEAL method.