MAN 3784 Simulated Microbusiness Essay


MAN 3784 Simulated Microbusiness Essay



Directions for Individual Project Planning:  ISO 14001 analysis for micro-business

Using a small business with which you are familiar, complete the two ISO 14001 forms below to (1) identify Issues, Targets, andPerformance Indicators for each of the eight areasto be assessed, and (2) Describe the Metrics for the Performance indicators. Use your analysis to write your ISO 14001 Sustainability Plan

Grading: Discussions in Weeks 5 and 7 will help you develop the two parts of this form. You will embed the two tables in the final project.15 points for Table 1;15 points for Table 2 in the final project. Do not include areas that will not be assessed (e.g., noise pollution in a quiet business.)

Table 1. Developing Performance Indicators
Area to be assessed Description Where you are:

List sources of environmental issues

Where you want to be:



How you know you’ve improved:

Performance Indicators

The company Name, # employees, nature of business, main business activity, locations  
Air emissions Which processes produce emissions?  Consider everything vented      
Water pollution Log everything that uses water, from toilets to cooling processes.  Note processes that discharge water      
Solid/hazardous waste 1.       Solid = paper, plastic, metal, wood, etc.

2.       Hazardous = sludge from paper manufacture; paint-spraying residue, etc.

3.       Special waste = toxic, carcinogenic, highly flammable, harmful, corrosive, irritant

4.       Clinical = medical

Energy usage Which processes use energy?      
Noise pollution List processes that emit internal/external noise      
Soil/groundwater protection Where/how chemicals stored; what/how much spilled; drainage plan      
Resource management Activities that reduce/manage fuel, energy, water, including waste minimization, recycling      
Other environmental impacts Odor, dust, vibration, visual, etc.      
Indirect impacts e.g., product design, packaging, transport      




Table 2. Metrics Development
Area to be assessed Source Measure what? Measure where? Measure how? Measure when?
Description: From previous list KW, gallons, pounds, etc. Where in the process?

Where in the facility?

·         Manual/automated

·         Disaggregated

Monthly, annual,

when incident happens

Air emissions          
Water pollution          
Solid/hazardous waste          
Energy usage          
Noise pollution          
Soil/groundwater protection          
Resource management          
Other environmental impacts          
Indirect impacts          





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