MHW 510 Topic 2 Assignment Mental Health and Wellness Trends



MHW 510 Topic 2 Assignment Mental Health and Wellness Trends


Topic 2: Mental Health and Wellness Trends


This assignment should be completed usingthe APA style guide in a separate Word document. Include a title and reference page as well as an introduction and conclusion. Use at least three scholarly resources in addition to using the textbook to support your responses (minimum of 4 sources in total). Follow APA guidelines when answering the questions and include in-text citations.  The body of the paper should include the following parts:


Part 1: Mental Health and Wellness Associations


Part 1, Section A: Pick two of the topics listed below and discuss one current trend related to each topic. Responses for each topic should be 200 words (400 words total). Follow APA guidelines when answering the questions.


  1. Telehealth or Telemedicine
  2. Integrated Healthcare
  3. Prevention and Wellness
  4. Evidence-based Practice
  5. Another mental health trend of your choice


Part 1, Section B:

Questions:Responses should be 200 words per question.

  1. Identify at least threemental health professional associations.How does being a member of professional associations help a mental health professional?
  2. What benefits can these associations provide these professionals and how they treat clients and maintain ethical decision-making?


Part 2: SAMHSA Resources and Integrated Healthcare Tools

Directions: Provide short answers of 150-200 words for each of the following two questions (300-400 -word total).

  1. Review the SAMHSA website and identify three resources. How can these resources be applied to your current or future Mental Health professional field/organization?
  2. How can these resources influence or relate to the topic(s) that you selected in Part 1, Section A?