NRS 410 Topic 1 Mandatory Discussion Question

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NRS 410 Topic 1 Mandatory Discussion Question


  1. What clinical manifestations are present in Ms. G and what recommendations would you make for continued treatment? Provide rationale for your recommendations.

Left lower extremity staphalococcus wound infection AEB leukocytosis, febrile, wound drainage.  Patient needs IV abx, wound care managment and dressing changes,  agressive bs control.

  1. Identify the muscle groups likely to be affected by Ms. G’s condition by referring to “ARC: Anatomy Resource Center.”

The gastrocnemius muscle is likely affected AEB due to the increased size of the calf compated to the other.  The Plantar muscle may also be involved

  1. What is the significance of the subjective and objective data provided with regard to follow-up diagnostic/laboratory testing, education, and future preventative care? Provide rationale for your answer.

Subjective data-  Pain/ heaviness of leg and the chills-  needing blood cultures to make sure patient is not going into septic shock.  Tylenol for the fever.

Objective data-  Staph positive in wound drainage.  Needs IV abx.  Wound bed has yellow indicating infection.  Continued CBC to make sure abx are working and bringing the WBC down.  Blood sugars-  agressively manage the blood sugars to help with wound healing and infection management.

  1. What factors are present in this situation that could delay wound healing, and what precautions are required to prevent delayed wound healing? Explain.

Diabetes is present, patient is only 23 so its likely its juvenile DM and patient will need insulin and agressive bs managment to allow healing of infection and wound.  Patient should be educated on the necessary things she should do,  including not using a heating pad at all.  Diabetics have delayed healing don’t have great sensation either.  should never have been using a heating pa