PUB-7005 Week 5 Implementation and Evaluation



PUB-7005 Week 5 Implementation and Evaluation


Last week, you studied the mechanisms that public organizations use to raise revenues. This week, the topic shifts to budget execution.

Once budgets are approved by the appropriate legal entities within a public organization, it is time to begin implementation. A robust budget process should result in a feasible financial plan for operations controlled through economic classification with financial controls and reporting.

Effective public organizations use budget controls to ensure that funds are applied as intended. An annual public budget describes the activities and resources for a fiscal year; however, the implementation of the budget will require regular attention on a daily or weekly basis.

The budget process can also help to drive informed choices in program prioritization and application of resources to ongoing operations. An example of a budget process can be seen in the image below.

Figure 2

The Budget Process

  Stages of the Budget Process  
Budget             Budget                                      Budget Budget
Formulation            Approval                                 Execution Oversight
The executive formulates The legislature reviews and                 The executive collects The budget accounts are
the draft budget-    amends the budget —                     revenue and spends money audited and audit findings are
Key Budget Docunents: and then enacts it into law.           as per the allocations made reviewed by the legislature,
Executive’s budget proposal; in the budget lawKey Budget which requires action to be
supporting budget reports                 Budget law;                                    Key Budget Documents: taken by the executive to correct
       Reports of legislative                                    In-year reports; audit findings.
        budget committees                                    mid-year reports; Key budget documents:
  year-end reports; audit reports;
  supplementary budgets legislative audit committee reports

Classification of the elements of public services helps managers track and monitor effectiveness. Operations flow from inputs, such as labor and supplies, to activities, the work that is done to achieve desired public outcomes.

Traditional budgets are organized by purchasing categories. Alternatively, administrators can employ alternative budget formats and systems, such as performance-based, program-based, zero-based, evidence-based, or participatory.

The assignment for this week asks that you take the role of a public administrator, proposing an annual budget process to your organization’s leadership.


Mikesell, J. L. (2018). Fiscal administration: Analysis and applications for the public sector (10th ed.). Boston, MA: Cengage Learning.

Yang, L. (2019). The impact of state intervention and bankruptcy authorization laws on local government deficits. Economics of Governance, 2ã4), 305-328.


Weekly Resources and Assignments


Review the resources listed below (and previously provided resources, as needed) to prepare for this week’s assignments.

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Week 5 – Assignment: Depict an Implementation Plan for an Improved Budget Process


As the finance director of your selected governmental entity with an approved finance strategy, the next step is to develop an implementation plan to improve your annual budget process. Consider the full cycle and draft the plan to start on the first day of the fiscal year.

For this assignment, you will develop an annotated 5 to 7-page process improvement plan which includes the following elements:

Annual cycle

  • Long-term perspective
  • Timeframes, process, and sub-steps
  • Kickoff

The completed assignment should address all of the assignment requirements, exhibit evidence of concept knowledge, and demonstrate thoughtful consideration of the content presented in the course. The writing should integrate scholarly resources, reflect academic expectations and current APA standards, and adhere to Northcentral University’s Academic Integrity Policy.

When applicable, conduct a Turnitin pre-check and then upload your completed assignment and click the Submit to Dropbox button.