Relationship Between Food Packaging and Eating Habits Research Proposal


Relationship Between Food Packaging and Eating Habits Research Proposal



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Rationale/Problem Statement for the research topic of your choice: Explain your topic. Make a case for why this topic is important to you, the field of psychology, or your specialization area.

Research questions you have developed for your topic: Conclude your discussion of the research topic by identifying specific research question(s) about the relationships between two or more concepts. Use both the textbook and the Pajares (2007) website to formulate specific research questions.

Hypotheses that you want to test: Considering your research question or statement of the problem, formulate a hypothesis that states the relationships between the variables and answers the research question. Remember that hypotheses make statements or predictions about something that may be true. Thus, they are hunches or intuitions about what the study’s results may show about the variables being tested. Some examples of hypotheses include:

  1. Parental education will be the best predictor of children’s IQ scores.

The amount of physical punishment a parent experienced as a child will be positively correlated with the amount of physical punishment he or she uses on his or her own children.

  1. Group X’s scores will differ significantly from Group Y’s scores.

Higher caffeine use will result in lower memory retrieval.

  1. Hours of computer usage will be related to hours of sleep.




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