SNHU HIS 100 Uncovering Bias and Missing Narratives



SNHU HIS 100 Uncovering Bias and Missing Narratives


Historical event I picked: Stonewall Rebellion

Current event is Roe vs Wade link to source Roe v. Wade | Oyez

My research question:


What was the police department purpose for specifically raiding the gay and lesbian clubs and how did this spark a rebellion for the LGTBQ community?


Thus far, you have learned how historical contexts, perspectives, and biases influence the interpretation and “telling” of historical narratives. For this discussion, reflect on what you have learned about your research question and the historical event and current event you chose. To ensure an interesting discussion, you are encouraged to think creatively about your initial posts and extend the points made by your peers. It is also important to review the module resources and read the prompts in their entirety before participating in the discussion. You should include examples and other supporting evidence from the module resources in your posts.

Discussing challenges that face our world often means investigating opinions and ideas different from your own. Remember to remain thoughtful and respectful towards your peers and instructor in your discussion post and replies.


Create one initial post and follow up with at least two response posts.

For your initial post, address the following:


  1. Discuss the brainstorming process you used to identify bias in your primary and secondary sources. How did you do it? Describe the strategies that were successful for you.
  2. Consider the challenges you encountered identifying the narratives about your historical event. What methods did you use to identify the absent voices in the historical narratives?
  3. What perspectives do you think are missing from the narrative about your historical event?

Be sure to cite evidence from your sources to justify your points.