Text marketing campaign



Text marketing campaign


You will be creating a marketing campaign that integrates text messages and email. This assignment consists of two parts. The first part is the creation of text marketing messages to be used in the campaign. The second part is an explanation of email messages that will be used in the campaign.


Part 1: Text Marketing


Follow the instructions below to create a text marketing campaign:


  1. Go to Slicktext.com.
  2. Sign up for free trial.
  3. Create a new campaign
  4. Choose a keyword and then create an auto reply.
  5. Try it out on your phone.
  6. Take a screenshot on your phone.


Part 2: Email Marketing


In 350-400 words, describe a sequence of emails that will be used in conjunction with the text messages. Explain how these emails tie into the text campaign with email and how these will build relationships with customers.


APA style is required