What assumptions have I been making that I now realize?

November 23, 2020| Homework Lance

What assumptions have I been making that I now realize?



focus on making it 1 page per week

Learning Log: Throughout the course you will maintain a learning log (journal). A learning log is not so much a record of what you have read. Instead, it contains what you have learned and critically reflected on. It is unique to you and what you write is neither right nor wrong. Try to make it an authentic record of your personal learning in this class.

What to Write:

 What did I read? Do? Observe?

 How do I feel about this? What assumptions have I been making that I now realize?

 What was my experience with a class assignment?

 How could I put what I learned into practice? How might I use this in the future?

 How does these insights or experiences relate to my learning and career goals?

Examples of Learning Experiences You Might Write About:

 Ideas that came to you while reading course articles

 Class discussion points that resonate with you

 Playing internet detective—so what evidence have you turned up about what works (or not)?

 Anytime you re-read your previous diary entries and learn something new

These are just a sample— whenever and however you learn something relevant to leadership during this course, write about it. Frequency of entries and quality of reflections are important. Document length is not.

Your Learning Log will be graded based on:

1. Links made between class content and your learning and career goals

2. Reflections on your assumptions/feelings related to leadership

3. Ways you might use specific leadership practices now or in the future



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