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What are the 7 steps to writing an essay? 


High school students are often given the task of writing essays, which also play a key role in the college admissions process. But one thing: professionals taking tests such as IELTS or LSATs also need to be able to write clear, concise, and convincing essays.

Even if you do not consider yourself a master of words, you do not need

to be intimidated by essays and writing assignments. When you read the basic steps and the most common structures, you will find that it is easier to write your thoughts on any topic.


What Are the Different Types of Texts?


Articles can come in many different forms. The most common types include the following:


  • Narrative story: Narrative story sharing information in the form of a story and a clearly defined point of view.
  • Explanatory Essay: This type of essay describes, illustrates, or clarifies a topic. This includes instructional pieces with step-by-step guides.
  • Descriptive Essay: Descriptive essays do exactly what their name implies: they describe an event, event, or any other topic in detail.
  • Influential Essay: This type of essay aims to convince the audience to agree with a particular idea or point of view.
  • Compare and contrast an essay: This type of writing shows how two or more things are the same or different from each other.
  • Problem Solving Essay: This story highlights an issue, influences the reader to be concerned, suggests a solution, and addresses potential grievances.


How Do You Start an Essay Writing?


Nothing scares the author more than staring at a blank page. That’s why you need to have an app to start your story.


  1. Decide on the type of your article and topic.

Sometimes, you will already have a assigned type of article or topic, so that will save you one step. If these have not been assigned to you, you should think about the topics you can write about. This will also help determine the type of essay writing you are going to write. hire professional best essay writing services for your essay


Some questions to ask yourself for a good article include:


  • What do I like best?
  • What thought or idea do I want to share?
  • Are there any misconceptions I need to correct?
  • What is the best way to introduce this topic of information (about essay types)?


  1. Think carefully and research the topic you have chosen.


Once you have chosen your topic, discuss all the different supporting ideas you can discuss the topic. Start with basic facts about your point of view, and ask questions such as what, where, who, when, why, how.

You can use the Mind Map method to integrate link ideas, or you can just type the character points as you encounter them in your research.

If your topic needs you and if time allows, you may want to consider having a quick discussion with an expert on the matter. These will serve as the main source for your essay.


  1. Create your own thesis statement.


After discussing the research, write down your thesis statement. A thesis statement contains one or two sentences that cover the main topic or argument of your essay.

Generally, a thesis statement will introduce your main topic while also revealing what position you hold in relation to the topic.


  1. Write your outline.

Once you have your thesis statement, you can start editing your outline. Many people skip the draft process, thinking that it is a waste of time.

But really, an outline can help you to organize your thoughts before you start writing and actually save time, as you will avoid hitting the jungle or jumping from one idea to another without clear direction.


One typical essay structure Essay-Paragraph Essay, with the following sections:


  • An introduction with a thesis statement
  • Key Point # 1
  • Key Point # 2
  • Key Point # 3
  • Conclusion

Although this structure is made up of five sections, it can easily use the same model and make it into a Five-Article Structure. This means that we will stay within the pattern, but each main point may have more than one point.

When writing your outline, be sure that each section contains only one main point. Combining too many points in one paragraph often confuses your reader. Also, make sure that your main points are in line with your research statement.


  1. Start writing.


Using your outline, you can now start writing your story. Some writers choose to write their paragraphs in chronological order, starting with the hook. Hook the first few lines in your story that will capture the attention of readers.

If you can write a chicken fast, it is good and good. If not, don’t worry, you can come back to it after writing your story. Here are some helpful tips for writing your theme:

  • Explain your main ideas at least one paragraph at a time. If your main points will need more than one paragraph, feel free to write more.
  • For any point that takes two or more paragraphs, it is helpful to have a brief introduction.
  • Stay as short as possible.
  • Include anecdotal examples if they will help you make your point clearer.
  • When writing a formal educational essay, avoid using first person pronouns.


  1. Be careful how you quote references.


In ancient Greece, the use of one’s imagination was considered a sign of wisdom. But in this modern age, cheating is a serious crime, so you need to be careful when quoting other people’s work.

To avoid cheating, be sure to keep track of any ideas you may have in your research instead of copying them word for word. If you use them literally, put them in quotes.

Next, use the appropriate quotes. Plagiarism involves not only copying ideas from word to word but also referring to the source of the idea itself, if possible. Depending on your teacher’s preferences, you can use an APA text quote or MLA style.


  1. Plan your work.


After writing your first draft, filter and evaluate your work to make sure you are correcting the entire grammar



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