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 Essay on Yourself


Profile Essay Example


A profile essay is an important part of your application process. It gives admissions officers insight into who you are as a person. Learn what makes a good one!


A profile essay is an opportunity for you to tell us about yourself in your own words. This essay will give us insight into who you are and how you think.


Start with a clear thesis statement.


A profile essay should start with a strong thesis statement. You should state exactly why you are applying to college and what you hope to gain from attending. If you do not clearly define your purpose, then you run the risk of being misunderstood by the admissions committee.


Write about yourself from multiple perspectives.


In addition to writing about yourself, you need to write about yourself from different perspectives. This will help the reader understand more about you and how you think.


Include details about your interests, hobbies, and accomplishments.


You should also include any extracurricular activities you participated in during high school. These activities show that you are active outside of class and give admissions officers a sense of your personality.


10 Things You Must Include In Your Personal Essay


A short introduction.


Tell  who you are and why we should care about what you have to say.


An outline of what you will talk about.


Explain how you came up with your ideas.


Examples of how you have changed over time.


A summary of what you did before college.

Summary: What you plan to do with your degree.

Conclusion: How you will use your degree to make a difference in the world.


A list of accomplishments.


Describe one accomplishment you have had as a result of your education.


Write an essay about yourself. It should be between 500 words essay, 700 words essay and 1000 words essay long. Make sure to include these elements when writing your personal essay:


Be specific.


If you participate in sports, write about how playing sports has helped you develop leadership skills. If you volunteer at a local animal shelter, explain why volunteering there helps you understand other people’s needs.


Show how your experiences relate to your career goals.


In addition to describing your academic achievements, personal interests, and extracurricular activities, describe how these experiences will help you succeed in your chosen field.




Sample Introduction Essay About Yourself


My favorite thing to do is read and write. I love learning new things and sharing what I know with others. I also enjoy traveling and spending time outdoors.


___________ is my name. I am a student at _____________________. I live in ____________________. I am currently studying ______________. I am interested in _______________. I am looking for a job that will allow me to continue my education while earning money.


I have been writing professionally for more than 20 years. I have written articles for magazines and newspapers. I have also worked as an editor and copywriter. I have taught English as a second language (ESL) for more than 15 years. I have also taught ESL online through Skype.


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