NR305 Week 2 iHuman Nurse Notes Template

NR305 Week 2 iHuman Nurse Notes Template


nr 305 health assessment


Complete each item below:


  1. Write an SBAR note (Situation, Background, Assessment, Recommendations) to summarize this assessment. Hint: Since this is a wellness assessment your summary should include a comprehensive, but brief, review of all of your findings, not only abnormal results. To develop your note, type the appropriate information after each letter below.


S –


B –


A –


R –


  1. State at least three additional assessment questions you would like to ask Ms. Gonzalez.






  1. In a one paragraph response, what made you select these questions?






  1. State two priority opportunities for health promotion and/or disease prevention for Ms. Gonzalez.





  1. In a one paragraph response, what assessment findings in iHuman led you to select the two opportunities you have identified?Utilize the course textbook, weekly course lesson, or an outside scholarly source to support your thoughts and ideas. Cite your resources in your paragraphs and list your reference(s) after your response.


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