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Top tips: How to Write a Good Essay:


The essay is used to test the power of your deep thinking and your ability to put that thought into a written educational form. This app covers important topics when writing a university story.


As you read the student’s story, markers will ask themselves questions like these:



  • Is the story directly related to the work?
  • Does it produce a strong, supported position?
  • Does it use the right resources?
  • Is the expression clear, and is the style appropriate?
  • Is the story organized in a logical way? Is there a clear introduction, body and conclusion?


You can use these questions to think about your writing. Here are six tips to help you deal with these decisions.


  1. Review the question



Student essays are answers to specific questions. Since the article should answer the question directly, your first step should be to analyze the question. Make sure you know exactly what is being asked of you.

Generally, essay questions consist of three parts:

  • Content names: Keywords that are specific to the task
  • Limited words: The width of the title is focused on
  • Guidelines: What to do about content, e.g. discuss, analyze, explain, compare, analyze.


  1. Describe your argument


As you plan and prepare to write a story, you should consider what your argument will be. This means taking the place of knowledge or opinion on a topic raised in a question, and then explaining and presenting a particular topic.


Consider these two statements of conflict:


The symbolic use of light structures in Gothic churches symbolically symbolizes the importance of light in medieval theology.


In the Gothic church of Cologne, the light emphasized the authority and tradition of the priest.

Statements like these define the essay argument. They provide coherence by providing context and context in which the whole story is directed.


  1. Use evidence, reasoning and lessons


To convince your audience of your argument, you must use evidence and reasoning, which includes reference and evaluation of appropriate bursaries.

  • Evidence provides concrete information to support your claim. It usually contains specific examples, facts, quotes, statistics and illustrations.
  • Consultation links your evidence with your argument. Instead of quoting evidence as a shopping list, you need to examine the evidence and show how it supports your argument.
  • The bursary is used to show how your argument relates to what is written in the article (quoting specific activities). The scholarship can be used as part of your testimony and consideration to support your argument.


  1. Plan a matching essay


The essay has three basic parts – the introduction, the body and the conclusion.


  1. Write clearly


An essay that makes a good point, based on evidence will only get high marks if it is clearly written. Clarity is produced through careful review and editing, which can turn a good story into a much better one.

When planning your story, try to look at it with new eyes – it looks like it was written by someone else.


Ask yourself the following questions:


The whole building


  • Do you clearly state your argument in your introduction?
  • Does the actual building comply with the ‘street map’ placed in your introduction?
  • Have you clearly demonstrated how your main points support your talk?
  • Did you clearly indicate the change between each of your student’s key points?


  • Does each section provide one main idea?
  • Do all the sentences in the paragraph support that main idea?
  • Does each section provide relevant evidence and reasons?
  • Does each segment follow exactly the preceding one?


  • Is each sentence complete in sequence?
  • Is the spelling correct?
  • Is the link between sentences clear to your readers?
  • Did you avoid repetition?

See more about editing on your writing page.


  1. Find sources and evidence


Lastly, check your quotes to make sure they are accurate and complete. Some skills require you to use a certain quotation style (e.g. APA) while others may allow you to choose the one you like. Whatever style you decide upon, that look can be further enhanced by the type of shutter hinges used. You can use Recite, a University of Melbourne style guide, to check out your quotes.


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