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Who Invented The Homework

Who Invented the Homework?


Top Facts You Should Know: Homework today is an important part of the educational process; makes learning easier and more effective. We have been involved in doing activities since the school years. And very little of us wondered who invented the homework. What is the name of that wise man to believe in the magic of homework; when schoolwork was started; when was it established? What was the original purpose of homework? Let’s find out who started the homework assignment and why in this post and discuss the actual amount of homework the teacher puts behind it.


Historical Facts


The term refers to the ancient Roman period. In the first century AD, Pliny the Younger, a schoolteacher who instituted homework, invited his Quintilian followers to share in homework. This practice was intended to improve the communication skills of the individual in an informal setting. The results of homework were just amazing; such teaching methods were used by some teachers going forward. Italian pastor Roberto Nevilis is considered the real “founder” of homework. He was the founder of a far-flung school project in 1905 and did it to punish his students. From the time schoolwork was started, the practice has become quite popular throughout the world.


The end of the 19th century marked a turning point in human history. Significant improvements were associated with changes in the frequency with which the school was provided. All of this has affected the quality of education. Teachers who follow the path of the teacher who established homework view the accomplishment of homework as a necessary form of training; it was a compulsory part of the training. In that view, teaching cannot go on without home studies. Homework has been described as one of the most important types of work. Combining great value with a student’s ability to read independently. In order for homework to perform the duties assigned by the instructor, you must meet the following criteria:


it must be possible;

it should not be too big and complicated;

it should not be placed at the beginning of the training until the students learn to work independently.


Reading at home can have a profound effect on the learning process. One of the important tasks the modern school faces is to improve the quality of teaching. And homework is a great tool; the founder of homework is a real hero in this. You can get more information through a professional assistant.


When Was Homework Started?


Thanks to Roberto Nevilis, an Italian clergyman who established homework, we can see significant improvements in the education system and its efficiency since 1905. Since the introduction of homework, there has been real progress in the field of education.


Teachers who adhere to traditional views of the learning process believe that home reading is an essential condition for effective educational activities. According to the founder of the school project, it is a way of developing student effort, independence, personality and creative thinking.



Apart from the above points, the need for home teaching is determined by the following factors:


During school-based learning, an intricate measurement of learning activities occurs. After that, the acquired knowledge is forgotten. To prevent this forgetfulness, homework is required;

The expertise of scientific concepts requires their repeated understanding and analogy;

Accuracy and practicality of learning are achieved only when memorization is dissolved;

Home reading is important for developing students’ creative and creative skills.


The success of the teaching depends on the success of the task. This feature has been considered since the introduction of homework; planning homework is a very difficult task in teaching and learning. Many aspects of this problem require the attentive attention of the instructor.


When explaining children’s work, teachers should understand that the process of measuring educational assets goes beyond the mandatory categories:





capacity building

application of new knowledge and skills in practice


If you have ever wondered who started the homework and why, read more to find out more


What Are the Main Objectives of Homework?


The role of homework has been discussed not only by those who establish school but also homework. Many people today believe that homework is not obligatory to master a certain subject. But recent scientific studies prove otherwise. According to this study homework plays a major role in developing students’ knowledge. This is especially true of elementary school. Who started homework and why?


According to Roberto Nevilis, founder of the school and homework, this learning activity gives the student the opportunity to:


working without speed;

reading without external measurement;

choosing the right rhythm (hours) for work;

self-planning work course;

to include all required sources of information.


Based on the above points, the number of educational work is:


fixing memory items in the classroom;

repetition of previously approved items;

integration and expansion of the various skills required in the private sector.


The main purpose of homework:


a child’s strong education, responsibility and independence;

understanding the skills of the teaching profession, expressed through the various teaching methods;

the development of the ability to extract the required information from various texts, guides, dictionaries;

the development of student research skills (comparison, comparison, speculation, hypothesis construction, etc.).


A proper Help on Homework for each class and the totality of all classes is a necessary requirement for students to successfully study the material of the program. It requires using different types of homework. The primary goal of the teacher is to establish the basis for the type of homework that you are reading. The teacher should be able to properly integrate the different types of homework in each class and in all the classes. A good option would be to get students out of the box for outdoor reading.


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