Clinical issues literature review

November 28, 2020| Homework Lance

Write an 5-6 page paper that synthesizes the evidence you have reviewed. Compare and contrast the research. Discuss: • What was the clinical issue studied? • How were the studies conducted? What research frameworks were utilized? • Who was the population in the studies? • Where did the studies take place? • When were the studies conducted? What length of time did the studies cover? • Why did the authors decide to conduct a study on the topic? • What is the clinical significance of the studies? See the Mini-Literature Review Paper Grading Rubric in the Course Overview or Course Syllabus for specific grading criteria. All direct quotations and other sources used must be credited using APA Style. Clinical issues literature review.


  1. Pederson, H. J. (2017). BREAST CANCER RISK ASSESSMENT AND TREATMENT: CURRENT CONCEPTS IN GENETICS AND GENOMICS. Contemporary OB/GYN62(12), 1-4. Clinical issues literature review.
  2. Keyzer-Dekker, C. G., de Vries, J., Mertens, M. C., Roukema, J. A., & van der Steeg, A. W. (2014). The impact of diagnosis and trait anxiety on psychological distress in women with early stage breast cancer: A prospective study. British Journal Of Health Psychology19(4), 783-794. doi:10.1111/bjhp.12076. Clinical issues literature review.
  3. Howard, A., Balneaves, L., & Bottorff, J. (2009). Women’s decision making about risk-reducing strategies in the context of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer: a systematic review. Journal Of Genetic Counseling18(6), 578-597. doi:10.1007/s10897-009-9245-9. Clinical issues literature review

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