Cuyamaca College Virtual Journey of Art Through Museums in The World Essay

November 23, 2020| Homework Lance

Cuyamaca College Virtual Journey of Art Through Museums in The World Essay

1. Decide on a theme, journey or exploration with art for your research paper. Below are some suggestions: A specific time period or art movement A specific theme A specific type of art during different time periods and cultures A specific style of art A specific type of media used to make art A specific color 2. Choose FIVE works of art based on what you feel provides an essence, continuity and/or contrast about your theme, journey or exploration with art. 3. Aim to virtually explore various museums in the world for your selections. 4. Using art terminology, describe each selected work of art in terms of the most effective Visual Elements, such as line, color, texture, time & motion, implied space, etc. and Principles of Design, such as emphasis, unity& variety, balance, rhythm, scale or proportion. 5. Provide your reason for selecting each work of art. 6. What might be the purpose or meaning of each selected work of art, from research/exploration about content of each piece? 7. Did each selected work of art have any reference to personal memory, historical context and/or can relate to current times? – continue – Part 2 – Imagery 1. Attach an appendix to your paper OR insert imagery with labeling within your text. 2. Either way, labeling includes the artist’s name, title of the work, media used, date and museum of each selected work of art. 3. Titles for works of art should be italicized, bold, underlined or in “quotations”. Provide a short introduction to your paper, which includes a thesis statement. In your conclusion, discuss how these works of art and/or your journey with art assisted with knowledge of the past and/or present. As for the virtual journey, how did this compare to seeing works in person? The written portion of the paper should be a minimum of 3-4 pages with an added 1-2 page appendix OR 5-6 pages with inserted artwork. Typed, 2.0 or 1.5 line spacing. Font size should not be larger than Times New Roman 12, if you are using a different font style. Standard margins – 1” top, bottom & sides. Do not aim to make larger margins and less text. Better to have smaller margins and more text. This paper is an analysis in your own words from your experience and journey. It should not have any supportive references from outside sources, such as museums placards, flyers, books, Internet, etc.



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