ACC 6313 University of Houston Downtown Apple Case study

ACC 6313 University of Houston Downtown Apple Case study


ACC6313 – Financial Statement Analysis and Entity Valuation


Case Study Assignment Specifications


For this project, you will work in your assigned group of four or five individuals. The project has a single component. You are to prepare a research paper to be submitted on the last day of class in an electronic (preferably Microsoft Word) format. Your submission must be uploaded using the functionality in Blackboard. Only one submission per group is required.

You should choose a publicly traded U.S. company that is engaged in international commerce whose financial reporting is prepared using U.S. GAAP standards. Be sure that the company you select has its required filings available on the Security and Exchange Commission’s EDGAR system.

The paper should be 10-15 pages long and prepared using APA formatting. It should have a minimum of six components as follows:

  • A description of the company (Note: for this part of the project use information the most current information available to you):
    1. Its major products
    2. Its geographic presence
  • Identify its significant competitors and describe broadly the global market shares of each.
  1. Describe and comment on the economics of the industry, the corporate business model, and strategies. Your analysis should apply Porter’s Five Forces to identify the industry characteristics that may lead the firm to take its strategies.
  2. SWOT Analysis – A SWOT analysis is a simple, yet powerful tool. You will identify the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats associated with your company. A template for developing a SWOT Analysis is available at


  • Liquidity Analysis – Describe the firm’s ability to meet its current obligations and provide data to support your assessment.


  • Long-Term Debt-Paying Ability – How should long-term creditors view this firm? Describe your assessment of their degree of protection as a provider of long-term funding.
  • Profitability – Can this firm maintain a sufficient earning ability? What are the historic trends and expectations both near and long-term?
  • Cash Availability – What are the firm’s primary sources of cash? What are their expectations in the future?


  • For the Investor (Market Prospects) – What has your analysis told you about this company? In light of what you have learned, would you consider this company to be a good investment?



This assignment is worth 150 points and is a component of your final course grade. Each member of your group will be assigned the same grade. It is up to each of you to ensure that the workload is evenly assigned so each member makes a valuable contribution to the result.

Thank you for your attention to these specifications. Please let me know if you have questions, need additional information, or would like to discuss any item further.