ACC 667 Enron Fraud Case Study Summary

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ACC 667 Enron Fraud Case Study Summary


The paper is to be focused on one instance of occupational fraud.

Based on the article, compose a case study (1,500-1,800 words) detailing the following:

The facts of the article (key details).

The individuals involved.

What went wrong with the organization’s system of internal controls that allowed this fraud to happen? What ethical dilemmas were involved?

How was the issue discovered? Explain.

What internal controls might have prevented or detected the fraud had they been in place? Remember to support with relevant resources.


Writing Case Studies:

Documentation of Sources

This is a resource to help you prepare responses to the case study assignment. Case Study assignments are not simply a review of the article but required outside resources to support your conclusions.

The assignment includes five components:

  1. A summary of the facts of the article. This would be similar to a book report where you provide the details in the article in summary format. Be sure to properly cite your sources.
  2. Discussion of the individuals involved.
  3. A discussion about what went wrong.
  4. How the issues were discovered.
  5. Recommendations for the internal controls that may have prevented or detected the fraud had they been in place.

For the last item, you must use outside resources to support your recommendations or support for how internal controls would have detected the fraud.

Before you start writing:

  • Read the article and take notes, highlight facts, and determine key issues
  • Focus on the fraud, how did it happen, who was involved, what controls were already in place
  • Research using the library to find relevant articles based on internal controls that may apply to your facts and circumstances or similar articles

You will need to locate external resources to support your points and recommendations.