CI 5223 Branches of the US Government Worksheet

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CI 5223 Branches of the US Government Worksheet


  • View/Download the Lesson Plan Template download(DOC) for use in this assignment.
  • Create a 6- to 5-page paper (not including title and references pages) in a Word document for your response.
  • Use APA format for in-text citations.
  • Create a title page and references page in APA format.
  • Follow these steps to deconstruct an existing lesson and use the steps as headings in your paper.

Step 1. Search
Search for an example of an Understanding by Design lesson plan in an area of interest. (Example search: Intermath Lesson Plan 1 – Linear Equations (Links to an external site.))   (You can choose any social studies lesson if possible Pal)

Step 2. Introduce
Introduce the lesson, and explain why you chose it. Include the original lesson or a link to the original lesson in your paper.

Step 3. Analyze
Analyze the lesson from the perspective of differentiated instruction. Identify levels of learning (i.e., advanced, average, struggling), types of delivery methods (i.e., role playing, inductive, inquiry-based), depth of content (field of study), levels of engagement or student involvement, the type of thinking processes required, and assessment components. Determine a format to clearly convey these deconstructed elements.

Step 4. Transfer
Determine the key points to clearly convey these deconstructed elements. Open the Lesson Plan Template (linked above). Transfer the components/key points of the analyzed lesson into the lesson plan template to analyze the original lesson.

  • When completed, what’s missing?
  • How complete was the lesson selected using the lens of differentiated instruction?

Step 5. Recommend
Given your analysis, provide feedback and recommendations to the author of the lesson plan using research to support your findings.