CIS 515 Week 5 Assignment

CIS 515 Week 5 Assignment






Tours Company System – Database Implementation






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A1 – a) Below is the data model for 2nd Normal form for travel company. Their table name and column names are mentioned in the table.


EmployeeId FirstName LastName ToursSold
Integer Text Text Integer





CustomerID CustomerName Address City State ZipCode
Integer Text Text Text Text Text



CustomerID TourID Numberof PersonsinTour TotalAmount


Integer Integer Integer Integer



TourSeason TourID TourRates PerPerson
Date Integer Integer Integer




A 1 – b)

Table Name: SalesPerson

Attributes: EmployeeID, FirstName, LastName, ToursSold


Table Name: CustomersData

Attributes: CustomerID, CustomerName, Address, city, State, ZipCode


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