CJA 305 Prosecution and Defense Arguments

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CJA 305 Prosecution and Defense Arguments


Assignment Content

  1. In this assignment, you will be introduced to what is required to defend and prosecute a case. Your team will divide into 2 groups to present the prosecution and defense arguments for a case. Work together in your group to come to a consensus for your side. Take this opportunity to imagine yourself in the place of the defense or prosecution.You continue to excel as the newest paralegal in your law firm. Your next task is to organize a modified mock trial to assist the lawyers in preparing for the pending trial.Separate the team into 2 groups. One group will represent the defense and the other group will represent the prosecution.Review the State v. Stu Dents Court Case document to develop your arguments:


  1. Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that includes each side’s arguments.Defense group, address the following as you write your arguments:

    • Does your team feel this defendant is competent to stand trial? Why or why not?
    • Distinguish between competency to stand trial and an insanity defense.
    • What is required in your state for an insanity defense?
    • What steps must be taken to prove insanity?

    Prosecution group, address the following as you write your arguments:

    • Define types of homicide and corpus delicti. How is this related to the case?
    • List the elements of each crime and the facts that establish each element.
    • Provide a specific state law for each charge and identify the state where that law is effective. Each group member’s state needs to be represented.
    • Include the state where your case would be the strongest.

    Format the paper according to APA guidelines.Submit the team assignment.

Prosecution side will be the only part that needs to be completed.