CNL 509 The Importance of Being Culturally Competent

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CNL 509 The Importance of Being Culturally Competent


Reflect on your readings about the importance of gaining knowledge about diverse groups. Consider an experience you have had in the past few weeks (while enrolled in this course) that involved contact with a group of which you are not a member. Experiences such as eating at a restaurant that was ethnically different from yours, attending a celebration, or visiting a church, mosque, synagogue, etc. Write your personal reactions and impressions about the experience. In addition, how did the experience contribute toward your growth as a counselor-in-training.

This discussion question is informed by the following CACREP Standard(s):

2.F.2.a. Multicultural and pluralistic characteristics within and among diverse groups nationally and internationally.

2.F.2.b. Theories and models of multicultural counseling, cultural identity development, and social justice and advocacy.

2.F.2.c. Multicultural counseling competencies.

2.F.2.d. The impact of heritage, attitudes, beliefs, understandings, and acculturative experiences on an individual’s views of others.


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