DeVry BUSN 460 SWOT Analysis Strategic Planning Project

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DeVry BUSN 460 SWOT Analysis Strategic Planning Project


Team Course Project Update Report:

  • Create a SWOT of your business, and share what you learned here.
  • Apply Porter’s 5 Forces model, and use the chart as a model for the application.

What strategic planning recommendations would you make and why? Strategic planning recommendations made should be clearly supported by research and long-term and short-term organizational goals. Demonstrate actionable market, competitive, and financial guidance to the board supported by research, facts, and figures, not generalizations. In addition, clearly show the appropriate use and application of quantitative and qualitative research in the market, competitive, and financial analysis and recommendations.


As a team, look at your accounting ratios and financial management. Describe how your team is

doing. Tell us about whether Big Al has loaned your team money and why that happened.

Describe your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow.



We reviewed our income statement, shown above, our sales stand at $51,717which is

$17,472 below industry average of $69,189. Thedirect materials is $14,713 and direct labor is $19257. We are below the industryaverage and although our R&D, Promotions and Sales are below the averageout net margin is almost 60% above the industry average. So far we are not doing well andplan to create a new product in the next week.










After reviewing the Cash Flow Statement, I would say Team Di is in good standing

financially. Our starting Cash position is $$36,538 but our net income was $7052. We have not

had to take out an emergency loan as of yet in the competition and our goal is to keep it this way.

We are not doing well in competition because the products we created in the simulator did not save in the continuation round. We will start to create another productfor round 6 to improved our plant and plan on continuing toimprove the plant to mostly automatic.