DeVry ETHC 232 Week 6 Potential Solutions and Impacts

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DeVry ETHC 232 Week 6 Potential Solutions and Impacts


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Week 6: Ethical Dilemma Project: Potential Solutions and Impacts

Last week in the Peer Review discussion, you and your colleagues discussed the legal issues surrounding your case. This week you are to analyze the potential solutions and impacts.

Potential Solutions and Impacts

Analyze the efforts being made by those in the profession to resolve the dilemma (rules, standards, codes of conduct, laws, etc.). Consider the likely impacts of various solutions. What are the outcomes of each solution? Who (e.g., stakeholders) will they affect? How will each solution harm or help people? Explain any totally unacceptable solutions. This assignment should be at least one page. Download and review ETHC232 Week 6 Ethical Dilemma Project: Solutions and Impacts. (Links to an external site.)

Note: You are being graded on your demonstration of reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical abilities in applying what you are learning about ethical issues in the professions. Because you will be using your text or outside sources of information, please provide in-text citations and references using APA formatting.

The completed assignment is due at the end of Week 6 and is worth 100 points. Please see the rubric for the grading criteria.