DeVry HIST 400 Week 6 Civil Rights Movement PPT

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DeVry HIST 400 Week 6 Civil Rights Movement PPT


Hi Class,

Please make sure you are posting at least 6 slides with narration to receive points this week. You can use Kaltura or a Narrated Powerpoint. If you have any questions, please let me know.

For your Week 8 assignment, you’ll be creating a Pecha Kucha, which is a 20×20 storytelling assignment (you will present 20 images with 20 seconds of narration for each image—no words on the slides). This week is a good time to get in some practice. Please choose one of the below topics from your textbook reading, and create a mini Pecha Kucha of six slides, no text, and 20 seconds of narration for each slide. Please create your submission in Kaltura Media Gallery or as a Narrated PowerPoint and submit it here.

Your Pecha Kucha must be submitted no later than Thursday.

Then, please engage two of your classmates in meaningful conversation about the topic they selected before the week’s end.

Potential Topics

Conspicuous consumption in the 1950s

Gender politics/New Woman Movement

Bay of Pigs

Civil Rights Movement

American Indian Movement (AIM)

Alcatraz Occupation

Senator Eugene McCarthy and McCarthyism