DeVry HIST 405 Week 2 Virginians Debate the Constitution

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DeVry HIST 405 Week 2 Virginians Debate the Constitution


Please review “What They Said: Virginians Debate the Constitution” in Chapter 6 of your textbook. Drawing from what you’ve learned about Federalists and Anti-Federalists from your weekly lesson and discussion thread, as well as what you learned in Week 1 about intellectual history, please describe what you think intellectual history is and how it differs from the political history assignment from Week 1.

Then, please answer each of the three questions from the text.

  1. How did Henry and Madison interpret conditions under the Articles of Confederation differently?
  2. Are you surprised that Henry values the power of the states more than that of the people? How might Virginia’s long colonial experience under Britain’s imperial reforms of the 1760s and 1770s help to explain his veneration for state sovereignty?
  3. How did Madison attempt to minimize his differences with Henry and other Anti-Federalists? Do you think his rhetoric was effective?

Each answer should be at least a paragraph in length. And remember, a full paragraph consists of at least five sentences—a topic sentence, at least three supporting/evidence sentences, and a point or concluding sentence.