DeVry MGMT 520 Legal & Political Ethical Dimensions of Business Article Selection Essay

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DeVry MGMT 520 Legal & Political Ethical Dimensions of Business Article Selection Essay


You are to write a five-page paper double spaced (12-point font, 1-inch margins) not including title page and reference page on the published article referencing a legal, ethical or political issue on the corporation that has been alleged or found responsible for the issue. State either your support or opposition to the article’s position on the corporation and if you are in agreement with the outcome. Identify what changes or recommendations you would present to your personal business if this matter occurred to your corporate entity. Use as much other background research on the issue as is needed to reach the length of the paper.


Corporation Selection


The corporation that I choose is McDonald’s. McDonald’s is a popular fast-food chain that has locations in over 120 countries. They are a company that prides itself on creating equal opportunities for their employees. They have seven core values, one of which is to operate the company ethically. However, for the third time, McDonald’s has had an allegation against them for rampant sexual harassment in three years. The cases involved male staff and managers harassing females. Sexual harassment can cause damage to its victims. The food chain is family-oriented and child-themed focused and having allegations can be cost-effective for the corporation.


Article Selection


The article is titled “McDonald’s is Sued Over ‘Systemic Sexual Harassment’ of Female Workers.” A Michigan female employee has filed a lawsuit against one of the largest fast-food chain due to sexual harassment. Allegations consist of a male employee grabbing her breasts, buttocks and propositioned her for sex. The case stated that she went to her general manager and the incidents between her and her store manager, but she has seen no change in his behavior. She caught him acting the same as other females in the store.

The franchise in Michigan is one of at least fifty or more claims and charges of harassment of female employees with pending cases against McDonald’s and the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The lawsuit stated a former McDonald’s employee that the “corporation creates and permits a toxic work culture from the very top” (Selyukh, A).

McDonald’s former CEO Steve Easterbrook was fired due to having a sexual relationship with an employee. Although the relationship did not violate any sexual harassment policies, it did break McDonald’s protocol employee-manager relationships.



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