DeVry SPCH 275 Helicopter Parent Concept

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DeVry SPCH 275 Helicopter Parent Concept


This assignment is straight forward on the directions. Make sure you do not plagiarize. Only paying for good quality writing.

The subject of this assignment should be based on a helicopter parent and mentioning that I had a helicopter parent growing up forcing me to play the violin.

Use this week to complete a one- to two-page typed outline for your Week 5 Informative Speech. Be sure to consider key ideas from the reading as you plan your speech: selecting a topic you are enthused about, creating a solid thesis, conducting good, thorough credible research, and so forth. (See Chapters 5 and 6.)

This outline is designed to help you structure and detail your speech and plan for delivery in front of an audience, whether it be a live audience or a recorded presentation. Having the outline completed well before the presentation due date provides you with ample opportunity to practice and ample time to review your performance and make changes as needed. Although a live audience is not required for this speech, it is always a great idea to practice in front of someone in order to get some feedback. (With a small amount of instruction, even children will tell you if you are saying “um” a lot, or moving around too much, talking too long, etc.)

Your topic should be strictly informative, where you are passing along information to your audience while remaining objective; for example, this is not the speech to take a stance or insert your opinions. (You’ll get an opportunity to do that later.)

For a sample outline, download the Informative Speech Outline Sample document from the Files section of your course.

Submit your one- to two-page outline as a Word document, including three in-text citations and a list of your references at the end. Make sure your references are in APA format.

Grading Rubric

1. Main idea: The topic and main ideas are presented clearly and concisely at the beginning of the outline. Topic is appropriate for the assignment.

2. Structure and development: Logical structure indicates a clear progress of ideas.

3. Examples and citations: Specific examples are utilized to provide evidence for your informative speech.

4. Style and format are unified and adheres to APA standards