DeVry SPCH 275 Sex Education in School Presentation


DeVry SPCH 275 Sex Education in School Presentation


This assignment is straight forward on the directions. Make sure you do not plagiarize. Only paying for good quality writing. The topic is sex education in school. This assignment is due Aug 23 10:59pm pst so please get it done by then thank you. If you can send it early as possible on sunday because I have to speak about the power point so i need extra time for that.

a persuasive speech outline with a references list (75 points);

  • a copy of the PowerPoint file 5-10 slides and any other visual aids used in the presentation (25 points);
Persuasive speech outline and reference list: Clear and detailed plan has been developed for the persuasive speech, utilizing speech conventions and strategies discussed and formats appropriate for the scope and audience of the speech. College-level grammar and style are used with limited errors. 75
PowerPoint and visual aids: They are clear and detailed with thoughtful and engaging design elements to complement the outline.


Sex Education Annotated Bibliography


Sex Education

Unis, B.D  &Sällström, C (2020) Adolescents’ conceptions of learning and education about sex and relationships, American Journal of Sexuality Education, 15:1, 25-52, DOI: 10.1080/15546128.2019.1617816

The author makes a case of why sex and relationship education is essential among the adolescent. In the resource, a study was conducted to investigate the conceptions of education and learning about relationships and sex among adolescents. It was concluded that learning about sex and relationships is crucial because adolescents can get meaning for their youth, and it also fosters identity and autonomy(Unis and Sällström, 2020).Both authors have the authority to write about the topic since they work in the health sciences department, meaning they can immerse a lot of information in the field, and they can have a better understanding of adolescents.

In my assessment, the resource will be crucial for my discussion. This is because it will help me expound on the ideas that I will have and back up any facts that I will have. For instance, I will be able to borrow some quotations from the resource to further my discussion. The resource will also be crucial when it comes to making a summary. The authors have been able to capture the conceptions of the teenagers well. The resource is also peer-reviewed, which makes the information reliable.

Krebbekx, W. (2019). What else can sex education do? Logics and effects in classroom practices. Sexualities22(7–8), 1325–1341.

The author of the article seeks to understand the role of sex education. While sex education has proven to be important when it comes to health intervention, it is also faced by a lot of criticism. To better understand this topic, Krebbekk 2019, looks at sex education in schools. Having comprehensive sexuality education is critical because it equips young people with the information that they need to make informed and healthy choices. The author explores the opposing side of sex education, which holds that it is individualistic and uses a neoliberal approach. The author works in the department of social science research in Amsterdam school. She has authored other articles revolving around the same topic, where she has used different research methods. This makes her have authority over the topic because she has immersed a lot of knowledge in that field.

In my opinion, this article is essential for my topic because it will help form the foundation for my paper and further my discussion. The author does an excellent job of looking at both perspectives: the opposing and seconding argument. I will be able to borrow from the resource and back up my facts. It will also be crucial to make my summary where I am documenting different sides of the arguments.

            Haberland, N., &Rogow, D. (2015). Sexuality Education: Emerging Trends in Evidence and Practice. Journal of Adolescent Health, 56(1). doi:10.1016/j.jadohealth.2014.08.013

The authors in this article look at emerging evidence on the topic of sexuality education. There have been many calls for the governments to offer the young people and the adolescents comprehensive sexuality education. This is because sexuality education empowers young people. For instance, they are able to get an identity as well as protect their individual health (Haberland and Rogow, 2015). Nicole Haberland, one of the authors, is in the population council in NewYork and conducts research on topics such as HIV prevention, sexually productive health, and gender. Deborah Rogow, the other author, is an independent consultant who has authored multiple papers around the same topic. Both have the authority to write about this topic because of their background history.

In my assessment, this resource is fundamental for my research. One is that it will help in forming the foundation for my research paper. The author does a good job of defining sexuality education, which I will be able to incorporate in the background of my own paper. I will also be able to further my discussion, for instance, on how effective sexuality education is. One of the key points that the authors give in this section is the reduction of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, which I agree with. Therefore, the journal is good when it comes to giving valuable facts.