ECE 460 Rainbow Integrated Instructional Plan Inquiry Based Lesson Plan

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ECE 460 Rainbow Integrated Instructional Plan Inquiry Based Lesson Plan


Problem-based instruction enhances collaboration, engagement and learning. Teachers guide the learning through discussions, research, questioning and hands-on activities over multiple days. The final product gives an answer to the essential question and a deeper understanding of the learning and scientific processes.

Your previous lesson design was for a problem-based science lesson that integrated additional content areas. For this assignment, you will use the “COE Lesson Plan Template” to develop two additional lesson plans for the unit you created in Topic 4. The two new lesson plans will focus on inquiry-based science instruction, and will include the additional content area you selected for your previous lesson plan.

Include the following in each lesson:

  • Grade-appropriate state standards in science and the additional content area you selected, and aligned objectives.
  • Instructional strategies that apply in-depth content knowledge, learning resources, and engagement strategies that create meaningful and engaging opportunities for students to learn, practice, and master content and academic language

In addition, write a 150-250 word reflection discussing how you appropriately modified instruction to meet the learning needs of each child. How did this

Read “Inquiry Based Learning: Answers That are a Little Out of Reach,” located on the edutopia website (2015).