ECE 460 Science At Home Handout

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ECE 460 Science At Home Handout


Parents are their children’s first educators and often spend time developing their children’s love of learning with activities done at home. However, science is often overlooked as many parents are unsure how to reinforce scientific learning. When teachers partner with families, students’ motivation to learn is increased, learning is reinforced, and curiosity about science topics is encouraged.

For this assignment, create a 500-750 word Science at Home handout to give to families showing them ways they can be involved with their children’s science learning at home. Select an age range/grade and 2-3 science standards to focus on.

Include the following in your handout:

  • Brief overview of science standards/topics addressed at the selected age range/grade level.
  • Explanation of how important the home-school connection is for children in learning science concepts.
  • At least 2-3 strategies to incorporate science in everyday home activities (i.e., cooking, cleaning, yard work).
  • Minimum of 2-3 suggested activities for families to do together to promote science instruction.
  • Describe 1-2 ways in which at-home technology can support children’s science learning.
  • Specify 2-5 resources for families/community resources and events to promote science learning.