EDU 534 Technology Tools for Adult Learners Presentation


EDU 534 Technology Tools for Adult Learners Presentation


Higher education instructors can use technology tools and applications to engage adult learners in a variety of ways whether online or in person.

Your department chair or college dean has asked you to create a digital resource that can be easily shared with other instructors, providing specific technology tools and how to use them to enhance traditional and online instruction.

Choose one of the following deliverables to complete this assignment:

  • 10-12 slide digital presentation, including presenter’s notes with documentation of resources and a title slide

Within your deliverable choice, identify 7-10 technology tools or applications, focusing on your selected content area.

Include the following:

  • Describe each technology tool or application, including a link, if applicable.
  • Explain three benefits of integrating each technology tool into student assignments.
  • Describe how each tool will be used for instruction in your content area.
  • Discuss how you will address issues of academic integrity when implementing the technology tools identified.