EDU 7220 UArizona Faculty Involvement in institutional Assessment

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EDU 7220 UArizona Faculty Involvement in institutional Assessment



Prior to completing this discussion read Chapter 3 in Clawson and Page (2011).

Initial Post: Create an initial response that addresses the following:

  • First, discuss the process for institutional assessment for your current institution or place of employment (use Ashford University if currently unemployed).
  • Next, identify pertinent steps from the literature that support the process used by your institution or place of work.
  • Finally, integrate a new strategy from the literature that you believe would improve the assessment process.

The initial post should be a minimum of 300 words.

Guided Response: Post responses to at least two classmates. In your response, reflect on your classmate’s responses. Questions you might consider in your response include:

  • How does the process used at your place of work compare to your classmates?
  • Did your classmates provide sufficient support from literature?
  • How well did you classmates integrate new assessment strategies?

For deeper engagement and learning, you are encouraged to provide responses to any comments or questions to you to further the conversation while giving you opportunities to develop a sense of community with class peers and the instructor.