ENGL 101 University of Toronto Bell Canada Enterprise Paper and Presentation

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ENGL 101 University of Toronto Bell Canada Enterprise Paper and Presentation


  1. a one page equity research summary ( 1 page summary and references on 2nd page)
  2. a Powerpoint presentation
  3. an Excel file calculating the numbers you use in your summary & presentation

The design, layout and information on the page is all up to you. Don’t copy this example exactly.

Have fun with it but be sure it easily readable. Main text must be no smaller than 10 point and text on graphs and charts no smaller than 8 point. Notice in the example there is a lot of white space. Don’t cram too much in.

The idea of this summary is to give a quick but informed overview about the company and the investment opportunity. Think of it as a written report given to an extremely busy top-level executive in a company. The executive just has time to read one page and make a decision on whether to invest or not.

There is one single goal of this one-page document for the reader. It answers, “Should I invest money in this company or not?”Some questions this summary should answer:

o What does this company do?
o How does it earn money?
o What makes it a good or poor investment risk?
o Using quantifiable numbers, ratios, and graphs show the current and/or historical information of the

company focused on company equity.
o How does this company compare to others in the same field and market? Use quantifiable information

that is referenced facts or numbers.

The educational goal for this summary is to figure out what the vitally important investment information is for a company. In-depth investment research reports can be huge with dozens of graphs, ratios, industry analysis, and so much more. What does your group think the most valuable and informative information will be?The PowerPoint presentation must have at least one slide for each of the following:

o Your Investment Recommendation with at least 3 reasons to support your viewpoint o Business Description
o Industry Overview and Competitive Positioning
o Investment Summary

o Valuation
o Financial Analysis (using ratios)
o Investment Risks
o Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) o References

  •  All slide text and slide elements must be easily readable, especially labels on charts or graphs.¨
  •  Any quoted sources, charts, graphs must be properly referenced using APA 7 style.¨