HRM300T Week 5 Final Exam Answers

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HRM300T Week 5 Final Exam Answers


Wk 5 – Apply: Final Exam


Question 1


All of the following are activities performed within the staffing function of the management process EXCEPT ________.

  1. ·

recruiting employees

providing training

maintaining morale

evaluating performance



  • Question 2


According to the Equal Pay Act of 1963, an employer may pay workers differently for all of the following reasons EXCEPT for ________.

  1. ·


merit systems

production quantity



  • Question 3


________ is the process of acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees, and attending to their labor relations, health and safety, and fairness concerns.

  1. ·

career planning

job evaluation

human resource management

behavioral management


  • Question 4


________ is the process of deciding what positions the firm will have to fill and how to fill them.

  1. ·

personnel planning

employee selection

  1. Incorrect:

talent management

trend analysis


  • Question 5


What is the purpose of recruiting?

  1. ·

forecasting the supply of candidates

developing an applicant pool

Correct answer

establishing a strategic plan

developing qualifications inventories


  • Question 6


Steve, an HR manager for IBM, must decide what positions the firm should fill in the next 6 months, which means Steve is currently working on ________.

  1. ·

candidate screening

employee contracting

department training

workforce planning


  • Question 7


Human resource management is best defined as the process of ________.

  1. ·

controlling and orienting new employees

acquiring, training, appraising, and compensating employees

outsourcing and offshoring clerical jobs to foreign countries

organizing and scheduling work activities for teams


  • Question 8


Which legislation makes it unlawful to discriminate in pay on the basis of sex when jobs involve equal work; require equivalent skills, effort, and responsibility; and are performed under similar working conditions?

  1. ·

Executive Order 11246

Title VII

Equal Pay Act of 1963

Age Discrimination


  • Question 9



What is the first step in the recruitment and selection process?

  1. ·

developing job applications

assessing training requirements

building an applicant pool

forecasting employment needs


  • Question 10


The EEOC was initially established to investigate complaints about ________.

  1. ·

sexual harassment in public schools

unfair business practices

accommodations for disabled workers

job discrimination



  • Question 11


Theresa, an HR manager, works for a firm that is planning to expand overseas. Theresa is in the process of workforce planning and has already forecasted the firm’s labor demand. What should Theresa do next?


Question 12


Which of the following best explains why HR management is important to all managers?


Question 13

According to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, it is unlawful to ________.

  1. ·

require employees to retire at age 65

allow juries to determine age discrimination

institute a minimum age for employees

fire older employees for insubordination


  • Question 14


Which Supreme Court case was used to define unfair discrimination in conjunction with EEO laws?

  1. ·

Faragher v. City of Boca Raton

Meritor Savings Bank FSB v. Vinson

Griggs v. Duke Power Company

Abington School District v. Schempp

Question 15


Roberta Whitman has recently been hired by Jackson Pharmaceuticals as the senior vice president of human resources. Jackson Pharmaceuticals has a history of problems within its HR department including high employee turnover, EEO violations, inadequate training programs, and benefit enrollment difficulties. With years of experience transforming HR departments in other firms, Whitman believes she can correct the problems at Jackson Pharmaceuticals.


Which of the following best supports the argument that Whitman should create embedded HR units and assign relationship managers to each department within the firm?

  1. ·

The global nature of the firm makes it difficult for the HR department to effectively communicate corporate messages to employees scattered around the world.

Centralized call centers would enable the HR department to provide specialized support on daily transactional activities.

  1.  Line managers want to implement additional screening and evaluations to improve the quality of their subordinates.

Employees frequently complain about the inconsistent assistance they receive from the HR department due to its large size.



  Question 16


Which activity involves establishing and maintaining positive employee-employer relationships?

  1. ·

succession planning

  1.  employee development

employee relations

human resource management



Question 17


All of the following have been linked to employees’ perceiving their employers as fair EXCEPT ________.

  1. ·

enhanced employee commitment

enhanced organizational citizenship behaviors

  1.  increased job satisfaction

improved compensation


Question 18


In which human resource activity does a typical labor agreement NOT give the union a role?

  1. ·






Question 19


What is the purpose of recruiting?

  1. ·

developing an applicant pool

developing qualifications inventories

establishing a strategic plan

forecasting the supply of candidates


Question 20


Todd has been identified by Markam Industries as a high-potential employee in the firm’s succession planning process. Which of the following activities would most likely aid in developing Todd’s potential?

  1. ·

multicultural training

employee orientation

job rotation

performance appraisal


Question 21


Which of the following is used by employers to schedule interviews, match candidates with positions, and compile résumé information?

  1. ·


executive support systems

applicant tracking systems

online job boards


Question 22


Hiring workers who have criminal backgrounds without proper safeguards is considered ________.

  1. ·

unreliable testing

negligent hiring

improper screening

improper hiring


Question 23


For over 40 years, Golden Creamery has been mixing up fresh, gourmet ice cream for customers. The company originated in Dallas and now boasts stores in 35 states. The business has primarily expanded by selling franchises to qualified candidates. Golden Creamery executives realize that the firm’s success depends upon the success of each franchise. In the past, each individual franchise owner determined the best method for screening applicants. However, as the firm grows, Golden Creamery executives want to standardize the hiring process by requiring all franchisees to use the same preemployment tests.


Which of the following, if TRUE, supports the argument that Golden Creamery should require franchise owners to use the firm’s preemployment tests?

  1. ·

Golden Creamery uses a series of videos to train new hires as well as a mentoring program that has proven successful in the past.

Annual turnover rates for hourly employees of Golden Creamery stores are three times the rate of comparable businesses.

Individuals interested in working at a Golden Creamery store can complete online applications on the firm’s website.

Hourly employees at Golden Creamery stores typically remain with the company long enough to be promoted to management positions.


Question 24


What is the primary goal of employee selection?

  1. ·

maintaining valid test scores

avoiding negligent hiring

developing a diverse workforce

achieving person-job fit


Question 25


Effective employee screening will most likely ________.

  1. ·

eliminate negative office politics

reduce dysfunctional workplace behaviors

  1.  identify valid and reliable test procedures

improve team management skills



Question 26


Consider the following question: “Can you give a work-related example of a specific instance where you provided leadership?” This is an example of a ________ question.

  1. ·






Question 27


Which question below is an example of a background question?

  1. ·

“What is the procedure you would follow when examining a patient complaining of chest pain?”

“What experience and training have you had with drafting designs for commercial buildings?”

“Can you provide an example of a time when you developed a highly effective ad campaign?”

“What steps would you follow to conduct a brainstorming session with a group of employees on safety?”


Question 28


Marion Franklin is the CEO of a local real estate company, Action Realty. The community has seen an increase in population over the last 2 years, and new neighborhoods are being built as a result. Marion’s staff of realtors is very busy, and Marion needs to hire a new agent. Although Marion has hired agents in the past, they have not always turned out to be as successful as she had hoped.


Which of the following questions would be relevant for Marion to ask if she wants an employee with extensive knowledge in real estate?

  1. ·

How do you handle sellers who believe their home is more valuable than it really is?

What are the loan options you would suggest for first-time home buyers?

What is the most frustrating aspect of being a realtor?

What motivated you to become a real estate agent?


Question 29


Which assessment method has a high development cost?

  1. ·

cognitive ability tests

structured interviews

integrity tests

job knowledge tests


Question 30


Blue Bay Hotels is in the process of modifying the assessment methods the company uses to hire new employees. In the past, the hotel chain has been accused by minority organizations of violating EEO laws in its hiring practices, regarding adverse impact. Which of the following selection rate criteria should Blue Bay Hotels use to avoid adverse impact towards its minority employment candidates?

  1. ·

Test selection rate of minority candidates is more than three-fifths of majority candidates’ selection rates.

Test selection rate of minority candidates is less than four-fifths of majority candidates’ selection rates.

Test selection rate of minority candidates is less than three-fifths of majority candidates’ selection rates.

Test selection rate of minority candidates is more than four-fifths of majority candidates’ selection rates.



Question 31


Which of the following assessment methods has the lowest validity?

  1. ·

job knowledge tests

personality tests

structured interviews

cognitive ability tests


Question 32


Which of the following would be the best option for a business that needs to attract local applicants for hourly jobs?

  1. ·



college recruiting

employee referral campaigns


Question 33


Based on recruitment research, which of the following management practices would LEAST likely improve recruiting effectiveness?

  1. ·

ensuring that the company website is attractive and updated

using applicant referrals from current employees

providing applicants with salary information

emphasizing positive aspects of the job



Question 34


Which of the following is an advantage for employers that use internet recruiting?

  1. ·

quick responses from many job applicants

guaranteed compliance with EEOC laws

screening of unqualified applicants

oversight by the U.S. Department of Labor

Question 35


Suzanne is reviewing the completed job application of a person applying for a marketing position. Which of the following questions would LEAST likely be answered by the application form?

  1. ·

Does the applicant have the education and experience to perform the job?

Has the applicant experienced job stability?

Does the applicant have any significant health conditions?

What job-related progress and growth has the applicant experienced?


Question 36



Which term refers to special vendors that handle all or most of an employer’s recruiting tasks and needs?

  1. ·

requisition management system

recruitment process outsourcer


integrated recruiting system

applicant tracking system


Question 37


________ provides new employees with the basic background information required to perform their jobs satisfactorily.

  1. ·

employee selection

employee orientation

employee development

employee recruitment



Question 38


Which of the following would perform the initial orientation in most firms?

  1. ·

HR specialist

mid-level manager

administrative assistant

immediate supervisor



Question 39


Maria was recently hired as an accountant with a large marketing firm. Today is Maria’s first day of work, and she will be attending an employee orientation session. Which of the following is LEAST likely to be addressed during Maria’s orientation?

  1. ·

employee benefits

daily routine

sales methods

safety measures


Question 40

Which of the following is NOT one of the primary purposes of employee orientation?

  1. ·

The employee should begin the process of learning the firm’s preferences.

The employee should have a clear understanding of what is expected.

The employee should understand the organization in a broad sense.

The employee should become skilled with the firm’s software.



Question 41



All of the following are included in a task analysis record form EXCEPT ________.

  1. ·

performance appraisals

  1.  trainable skills required

human aptitudes required

performance standards


Question 42


Which of the following terms refers to the methods used to give new or present employees the skills they need to perform their jobs?

  1. ·







Question 43


Lucas, an HR manager, has been assigned the task of creating a training and development program for his firm’s employees. According to the ADDIE training process model, what is the first step that Lucas should take?

  1. ·

train the targeted group of employees

design the program content

assess the program’s successes or failures

conduct a needs analysis



Question 44


In the ADDIE training process model, which of the following occurs immediately after a needs analysis has been conducted?

  1. ·

presenting the program to a test audience

assessing the program’s successes or failures

training a targeted employee group

designing the overall training program



Question 45


Which of the following would most likely occur during the implementation stage of a training program?

  1. ·

providing on-the-job training to the targeted group of employees

designing the program content for different learners

presenting the program to a small test audience

conducting a needs analysis of newly hired workers



Question 46


What is the final step in the ADDIE training process model?

  1. ·

evaluating the program’s successes or failures


training the targeted group of employees

presenting the program to a small test audience

conducting a performance and needs analysis



Question 47

________ refers to all forms of pay or rewards going to employees and arising from their employment.

  1. ·

employee compensation

employee reimbursement





Question 48


All of the following issues are addressed by the Fair Labor Standards Act EXCEPT ________.

  1. ·



minimum wage

overtime pay


Question 49


Which of the following terms refers to any salary increase the firm awards to an individual employee based on his or her individual performance?

  1. ·

competency-based pay

merit pay

incentive pay

variable pay


Question 50



Ryobi is a large, international power tool manufacturer that develops affordable, high-quality products such as drills, circular saws, and routers for both homeowners and craftspeople. As the company continues to grow, its top executives want to ensure that employees are appropriately paid for their performance and that financial incentives are both fair and effective. Currently, the firm provides merit raises based on performance appraisals; however, executives are considering changing the current incentive plan.


Which of the following, if TRUE, best supports the argument that Ryobi should eliminate all merit raises?

The commission percentage for Ryobi sales people is based on the ability to meet monthly quotas.

Performance appraisals at Ryobi occur annually, and standards vary from manager to manager.

Motivation among Ryobi engineers has been improved through social recognition programs.

Ryobi uses an enterprise incentive management system to automate compensation