HRM326 Wk 1 Individual Apply Needs Assessment

HRM326 Wk 1 Individual Apply Needs Assessment



  1. What is your training problem statement or objective?
The objective of this training is to improve the knowledge that the members of this organization have regarding the relationship that they have amongst themselves as well as wit the managerial team in the firm. The improvement of the approaches that they rely on in the development of new products is among the areas that will be addressed by the training program and through it, the employees will gain exposure towards the application of technology to ensure that they can offer quality products. Since communication has an influence on the company, the training will also involve the provision of exercise on the need to embrace positive communication approaches.









  1. What skills and knowledge are required to perform the work?
Communication skills are the most relevant skills that are needed to perform a piece of work. The employees are required to have knowledge regarding the use of technology as well as the critical analysis regarding some of the factors that may affect the areas that they serve. The communication skills that the employees will have will enable them to be able to address most of the problems that the company may face, thus improving its performance.









  1. What are the measures of successful performance of the work?
There are several approaches that can be used to analyze the successful performance in work (Morgenson et al., 2019). One of the methods that will be used is the analysis of the performance of the work. Analyzing the volume of output as well as the quality of the products is among the most influential approaches that will be used to measure the performance of the work. The analysis will give an insight regarding the areas that the company has successfully addressed as well as some of the points that it may need to improve in this training.









  1. Are people performing at the levels required?
Failure of employees to perform in the assigned areas may lead to the failure of a company. Although the company hired the employees who are highly qualified for the different areas that they are assigned, lack of collaboration is one of the areas that is making the employees not to perform at the levels as the company may require from them. Addressing this as well as the availability of resources element will, however, assist in ensuring that all the people in this organization perform at the different levels as they are required.









  1. Is there under-performance for specific groups of employees?
Underperformance in workplaces may lead towards the prolonged accomplishment of goals as well as making it hard for the organization to improve its overall performance. In this organization, the newly hired employees are finding it relatively challenging to cope with the changes in the organization, thus making it hard for the firm to complete its tasks. Besides, underperformance among, the newly hired workers comes from the fact that they have minimal exposure to the functions that the company undertakes and this affects the company.








  1. What are the causes of under-performance?
Underperformance is caused by the failure of the management to provide adequate training to the employees regarding their areas of operation. Another factor that is promoting towards underperformance may be linked with the collapse of the firm to offer the required resources that may improve the performance of the organization. In this organization, the employees may lack exposure to some of the changes in performance, and this has contributed towards underperformance among the employees.









  1. What training will help bridge the gap between the standards of performance needed and the actual performance?
The training that will help in bridging the gap of perfo4mance is through the provision of training regarding the need for them to ensure that they use the available resources to ensure that they offer quality outcome.








  1. Is there specific training that is needed in the training triad categories below?


  1. Technical training
In most cases, the provision of technical training is among the factors that may assist in the improvement of the functionality if an organization (Berman et al., 2019). For this firm, the employees will be offered technical training regarding how to use most of the complex systems that the firm has as well as the factors resulting in the failure of the firm.








  1. Business skills training


The customer relation skills are among the training that the employees will be offered in training. The above will help in improving the relationship that is created between the organization and the customers that it serves. Besides, the approach will also ensure that the measures that are put in place do not lead to failed performance.








  1. Human skills training


The human skills to offer will relate to the need for the employes to relate well with one another and at the same time to consult their colleagues for the areas that they may need more assistance.








  1. What is the expected return on the investment (ROI)?
Due to the training that the employees will receive, there will be an improvement in the rate of production which will result in an increase in the overall return on investment that the company may make to its performance.








  1. What does success look like?
There are different ways that success in the company can be defined. In this organization, success will be determined by the rate at which the employes engage in collaborative teamwork to promote the improved performance as well as the improvement in the quality of services that the firm will offer.









  1. Do you have a budget for the training development/course?
Budget for the training development is approximately $5,000 as the company will need to hire external motivational speakers to emphasize some of the areas that will need more improvement. The budget will also include accommodation as well as the meals that the employees will receive.





  1. Any other relevant information?
The feedback that the employees who will participate in the training will offer will be highly appreciated, and the management will act according to the opinions that the employees will offer.








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