HSCI 337 California State University Northridge Nutrition Project

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HSCI 337 California State University Northridge Nutrition Project


Part 3

So, unlike the Part 1 of the Nutrition Project that required no planning, now you really need to plan to be successful and be able to truly reflect on the difference between unplanned and planned days.

For Part 3 you will need to:

Follow the meal plan you designed earlier (Part 2) and try your best to follow it for 4 days (remember, you needed to fill your Part 2 sheets out to plan for four days, but you only needed to submit 2 days for me to review. Record exactly what you consumed (food and drink) on the Post Food Record Sheet Day.doc

(similar to Part 1). Even if you can’t follow your meal plan exactly, or chose to make a different plan, record what you really ate. While I will NOT be collecting the sheets you use to track your eating and other info, you will need them to reflect on the difference between Part 1 and Part 3. It is really important you are not allowing yourself to just eat whatever like you did in Part 1, but rather following a plan.

Remember that the “Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner” are just suggestions, you can eat whenever you like, just follow the recommendations as best you can.

You will be submitting ONLY the responses to the questions below (750 word minimum).

Video instructions linked here (Links to an external site.)

Post Food Record – Once your four days of tracking are complete (post meal plan), reflect/answer the following questions with thought and detail (be sure to number each response).

  1. How well did you meet your individual food recommendations (food groups, amounts, variety) without and with a plan? You will need to look over your records for both
  2. What did you notice about your eating habits including hunger/satiety, activities while eating, times you ate, food choices, when you ate the most, etc? Provide some thoughtful insight.
  3. What differences or similarities did you notice in intake between the twelve days? Include qualitative measures as well (energy level, attitude…)
  4. What surprised you (good or bad) about your eating habits?
  5. What are the benefits and limitations of using My Plate (opinion) and would you find it helpful when trying to reach a desired (ideal) body weight?
  6. What are three SMART (Specific Measurable Attainable Relevant Time-bound) goals you could make after completing this assignment? How would you reward yourself once goals have been met?
  7. Conclusion – reflect on the overall experience; would you do it again? What did you learn?