MGT 460 Week 1 – Quiz

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UOP MGT 460 Week 1 – Quiz


Question 1

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What technology allows employees and group members to take action on their own without waiting for leadership direction?


Web logs




Web pages


Question 2


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Full range leadership attempts to integrate two styles of leadership. What are the two styles?


Situational and balanced leadership


Transcendental and balanced leadership



Transactional and transformational leadership


Inspirational and charismatic leadership


Question 3


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Name an individual who is associated with ethical or principled leadership.


James Lyons


Frank Monroe



Robert Greenleaf


William Morris


Question 4


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Leaders are people who…


achieve their career goals


meet others’ expectations


do things right



do the right thing


Question 5


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What style of leadership appeals to the higher-level values and emotions of followers?


Transcendental leadership


Inspirational leadership



Transformational leadership


Charismatic leadership


Question 6


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Leaders of balance members’ vested interests with developing a _________.


Time for reflection


Empowered work force



Shared goal


Clear time line


Question 7


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What is defined as the perceived or psychological distance that comes from operating and communicating through technology and across cultures and different perspectives?


Interactive orientation


Web trauma



Virtual distance


Perceptual differences


Question 8


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What is not a key element of ethical leadership?


Holding executives accountable



Exerting control over mission


Promoting social welfare


Living by core values