MGT 460 Week 2 – Quiz

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MGT 460 Week 2 – Quiz


Question 1


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Daniel Goleman is largely responsible for helping to publicize which of the following:


Basic intelligence (IQ)


Leadership intelligence (LQ)



Emotional intelligence (EQ)


Multiple intelligence (MQ)


Question 2


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A typical 360-degree feedback report includes:


Development goals


Item ratings


Performance and development goals



Item ratings and comments


Question 3


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What type of learning style describes leaders who explore alternatives, experiment, and then apply what works best?











Question 4


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The ability to manage one’s own and others’ emotions are competencies that are most closely related to a leader’s:


Task-oriented behaviors


Relationship-oriented behaviors


Change-oriented behaviors



Emotional Intelligence


Question 5


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What type of learning style describes leaders who analyze their own and others’ leadership experiences and change their behavior as they observe and experience what works best?











Question 6


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What are the three elements of career motivation?


Job satisfaction, task significance, and a clear appraisal



Insight, identity, and resilience


Talent, task clarity, and time


Appraisal, feedback, and reward


Question 7


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What determines the elements of an organization’s selection, training, and evaluation of leaders?


A benchmark analysis


A performance appraisal form



A competency model


A job analysis


Question 8


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Which development process will most likely incorporate an “in-basket” exercise:



Assessment centers


Feedback from psychological assessments




On-line training