MGT 460 Week 3 – Quiz

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MGT 460 Week 3 – Quiz


Question 1


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What type of question is focused on understanding how a candidate may behave in a hypothetical situation:






Job knowledge





Question 2


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One-to-one leadership requires competencies that support…


Distributing and explaining corporate financial reports to employees


Time management


Setting parameters and controls over human resource practices



Performance management


Question 3


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A Win-Win approach to conflict management is best described as:


Using whatever strategies or techniques seem appropriate to get what you want, even if it is at the expense of the other party.


Being willing to sacrifice what you want if it means the other party gets what they want.


Not addressing conflict even if it means no one really gets what they want.



Using  whatever strategies and techniques you can to develop a solution that lets everyone get what they want.


Question 4


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Which would not be considered a developmental assignment?


Being given a highly visible task that is important to the organization’s success



Being given feedback and asked to use it to improve one’s performance


Leading a start-up—for instance, a new support department or line of business


Opening a new office


Question 5


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With regard to feedback, a leader should…


Be clear about what characteristics a subordinate possesses that are dysfunctional



Ask others for feedback


Provide reports to each subordinate so that subordinates can compare their performance to others


Let subordinates know when they do not have the capability to improve their performance


Question 6


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What is the best strategy for making recognition an effective motivator?


Recognize only the people who had substantial input to accomplishing a goal


Waiting until you are certain that the goal has been achieved


Giving a cash bonus



Recognizing everyone involved in an accomplishment, even those in the back office who were behind the scenes


Question 7


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When selecting a candidate for hire, the best predictor of performance is:






Work experience


Cognitive ability


Question 8


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Leaders are good mentors when they…


Tell mentees how they can succeed


Help mentees know that they are evaluated independently of others


Judge whether mentees’ ideas are good or bad in the context of the organization



Provide mentees with honest feedback and perceptions