MGT 701 Southern New Hampshire Change Management Strategy a Plan

MGT 701 Southern New Hampshire Change Management Strategy a Plan


This peer review focuses on the company selection summary drafts that were posted to this discussion topic in the previous module.

Review and provide feedback on at least one classmate’s summary. The comments should be in the form of a constructive peer review, featuring a discussion of the strengths of the explanation as well as areas that could be improved.

Peer Review

  • Select a classmate’s summary.
  • Use the Peer Review Guidelines and Rubric as your reference.
  • Review the Final Project Document for expectations and requirements for the summary.
  • Be objective in your review.
  • If you are making comments and giving feedback, make sure that you explain in detail why you are making the statements.

Review and Feedback
Remember to keep the tone of your comments positive and constructive. You are reviewing the content, not the person.

Writing Expectations
The writing should be organized according to APA format and should follow the writing process, starting with an introduction to your discussion, the topic of discussion, and supporting details that describe and define your statements.

The written work should transition from thought to thought as you work your way through to the conclusion with a statement that adds new insight.

Any resources you use must be cited in APA format.

Reminder: All assignments are required for successful completion of the capstone course, and your instructor may use his or her own discretion in awarding an In-Progress (IP) final course grade as a result of any incomplete or missing assignments or milestones.

For additional details, please refer to the Peer Review Guidelines and Rubric document.