MN 501 Purdue University Aspects of Data Management Reflective Essay

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MN 501 Purdue University Aspects of Data Management Reflective Essay

Data Management

Reflect on your experience with different aspects of data management — for example, identifying the target population and relevant measures, access to data sources, strategies for data collection, coordination of data entry, analysis of outcomes, and data analysis to final deliverable to stakeholders. Discuss those areas in which you feel skilled versus those areas that will require more skill development. List at least three activities in which you might engage in your current practice setting that would increase your competencies in the area of data management and outcomes evaluation.

Criteria :

● Thorough identification of the importance of the subject matter to the individual, clinical, and professional.
● Supports discussion concepts through personal experience and evidence-based information.
● Submits a minimum of three posts, one initial and two responses to either the course faculty or peers, with thorough reflection and content

● Provides a well-written reflection that is clearly connected to the outcomes and clinical insight.

Clear critical thinking acknowledges application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

Builds a focused argument.

Makes an oppositional or congruent statement that is supported by experience or research.

● No grammar, word usage, or punctuation errors. Overall style is consistent with professional work.
● Writing style facilitates communication.
● Provides three references that are relevant to the content and published within the last five years.

TEXTBOOK INFORMATION Title: Philosophies and Theories for Advanced Nursing Practice Edition: 3rd (2017) Author: Butts, Janie and Rich, Karen Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Book ISBN: 978-1-28411-224-5 Ebook ISBN