Module 5: Assignment: Ethical Dilemma

Module 5: Assignment: Ethical Dilemma


Ethical Dilemma using Technology


This week you will use the ethical dilemma provided and apply the Ethical Decision-Making Model from the text. Information presented will also focus on the application to your role and the implications to nursing practice. This assignment will require thoughtful reflection.

Topic: Telemedicine


  • Review the grading rubric BEFORE continuing with the assignment.
  • Refer to the the Ethical Model for Decision-Making on pages 95-97 (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2022).
  • Review the literature and cite a minimum of 3 journal articles. Additional references may include the course textbooks and websites from the list of Informatics websites provided in the Resources.
  • Submit a written paper and include a cover page and a reference page (Use APA format)
  • Use headings noted below
  • Maximum 1000 words not including the cover page and reference page. Refer to the rubric for additional information.

The written assignment should include the following headings and content:

  • An introductory paragraph (following the title of the paper)
  • Examine the Ethical Dilemma: What is the purpose for choosing this topic? Describe the background for this ethical issue related to nursing informatics.
  • Literature Review: Search the literature for possible alternatives. Provide a summary of the literature review, identifying at least 2 alternatives of the ethical issue as it relates to nursing informatics. Hypothesize ethical arguments-What are the pros and cons for the alternatives?
  • Implication to Nursing Practice and Informatics: Investigate, compare, and evaluate the arguments for each alternative. Discuss the implications of the ethical issue and the identified alternatives to nursing practice and informatics.
  • Application: Choose the alternative you would recommend. Discuss why you chose this alternative and how the alternative applies to your role as a nurse leader/nurse educator.
  • Formulate the Plan: Describe the plan for the alternative you chose and how the plan would be implemented? Conclusion

Submission Instructions:

  • Submit the assignment by 23:59 Saturday of Module 5.
  • Check and verify that your assignment was uploaded correctly View the Unicheck Report for any issues

PLEASE READ: By submitting this assignment, I certify that the materials I am submitting are entirely m} own work. I have not copied the work of any other student (past or present) or collaborated with anyone else on this assignment unless specifically directed to do so. I understand that academic dishonesty is grounds for dismissal from the program.

Module 5: Ethical Dilemma Grading Rubric

Criteria                                                       Ratings                                              Pts

Examine the Ethical Issue         15 to >11.0 pts                                                                   9 to pts

(15pts) 1. Background of                                         AccomplishedNovice

the ethical issue related to

  • Clearly describes Vague description of the Background

technology.                                                                        of the       background providing some        information not

the background ethical issue related of the ethical related to the to technology in detailto technology ethical issue or

Literature Review and             20 to >15.0 pts                       15 to >9.0 pts                9

Summary of the Ethical           Accomplished                        Intermediate                 Novice

Issue(s) (20 pts) • Search       • Presents an insightful and                                          • Presents a

the literature for possible                                                     of the              thorough analysis of         superficial or

thorough analysis alternatives. • Provide a• incomplete analysis

ethical issue related to             the ethical issue summary of the literature          • Uses  problem-             of the ethical issue •

technology review, identifying at least 2           and critical           solving and criticalUses limited            20 pts

problem-solving alternatives of the ethicaland

thinking skills and identifies               thinking skills andproblem-solving

issue as it relates to                         2 alternatives of the ethical                        identifies Icritical thinking skills

technology. • Hypothesize                      as it relates to                     alternative of the               without identifying


ethical arguments-What are                                  • Excellent                  ethical issue as it               an alternative of the


the pros and cons for the                 research into the issues              relates to technology        ethical issue •


with clearly documented Good research into Limited research references relevant to the the issues with and documented

Implications of the Ethical>15.0 pts                                                            pts                                             the

Issue to Nursing Practice           Accomplished                        rrdgtH15egæe topic      tY9Yice

and Informatics (20 pts) •                                           the• Presents a                        • Presents a

  • Clearly describes

Discuss the implications of                                               the ethicalthorough analysis of              superficial or                          20 pts

implications of  the ethical issue and the issue to nursing practice andmost of the incomplete analysis  identified alternatives to

informatics • Presents aidentified of some of the  nursing practice and andissues/problems • identified issues •

detailed, insightful informatics

thorough discussionInformation not                             Missing relevant

clearly explained details Application (15 pts) Choose 15 to >11.0 pts 11 to >9.0 pts 9 to pts the alternative you would Accomplished Intermediate Novice

recommend. Discuss why                                                                       • How and why this                 • Missing how or

  • Clearly describes in you chose this alternative and how this ethical issue applies to why the ethical

detail, why  and how the alternative ethical issue applies to your role is not clearly issue applies to  applies to your role as a defined your role

your role nurse leader/nurse educator.

Formulate the Plan (10 pts)           10 to >8.0 pts8 to >6.0 pts      6 to pts Act on your chosen        AccomplishedAcceptable        Novice

alternative-Describe the

  • Presents a detailed,• Plan for Missing relevant plan and how the plandetails of the plan for

insightful and thorough planimplementation would be implemented?

for implementationnot clearly                                   implementation





Searching the Literature (10 pts) • Journal articles are within the last 5 years • Course textbooks and informatics websites may be used as additional resources

Writing and APA including: (1 0 pts) 1. Writing is clear, objective, formal, and professional 2. Correct

grammar, spelling, and punctuation 3. Use APA format for written assignment including an introduction and a conclusion 4. Cover page according to APA format. 5. Reference page according to APA format.


10 to >8.0 pts8 to >6.0 pts


  • At least 3 journal• At least 2 journal

articles are citedarticles are cited

10 to >8.0 pts8 to >6.0 pts


  • Complete formatting and• 2-3 formatting, writing • APA with 1 or fewerwriting or APA errors.errors


6 to pts


  • At least 1 journal articles

is cited or none

6 to >O pts

Not Acceptable

  • More than 5

formatting, writing or APA errors

Total Points: 100